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Colin Elzie’s Best LSAT Stories

As you work through this last month to get your best LSAT score, things might seem rough at times. But keep up the hard work and you’ll have the best LSAT day possible. To help you along your way, here are some of the best LSAT stories I’ve come across. How exactly will this help, you ask? I don’t know. Motivation? Shut up.

Best LSAT Story I: The Case of the Fishy Snack – As you know, you can (and of course should) bring a snack for the break to give you energy for your best LSAT day possible. Most people bring granola bars or sandwiches or Nacho Cheese Combos or some such thing, but I had a student who once insisted on bringing sushi. I’m not sure how she ended up feeling later that night (what with eating raw room-temperature fish and all), but during the test itself it ended up working out well.