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Several February LSAT Deadlines Expire Today

If you’ve got the 2013 February LSAT in your sights, then today (and Jan. 20) are important dates for you. So keep readin’, pal.

Today is your last day to register late for the February LSAT online. Today is also your last day to change your February LSAT test center and/or your February LSAT test date by mail, phone or fax (Jan. 20 is the last day to do so online). And today is the last day to withdraw registration for the February LSAT and still get a little money back.

Of course, all of these February LSAT deadlines come with prices. Do you want to register late? Get ready to toss an extra $69 LSAC’s way, along with the $160 they were already going to charge you. Want to change your February LSAT test center? That’ll be $35, thanks. Want to change your February LSAT test date? That’s another $80. And if you withdraw altogether, you get a measly $49 back (which means you spent $111 to NOT take the February LSAT).

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February LSAT Deadlines Kick Off Today

Have you longed to take part in the mystery of the February LSAT? If it’s been your dream to take an LSAT that no one will ever be able to see the contents of after LSAT test day, the February LSAT is your ticket. And no matter your reasons for taking the February LSAT, if you intend to take the LSAT this February 9 and you haven’t yet signed up, today is the day: the regular registration deadline for the February LSAT.

Your registration needs to be received today, which means that you’ll need to register for the LSAT online or by phone. You’ll have to cut the US Postal Service out of the equation, and I understand if that makes you sad. But it isn’t 1998 anymore; you really should just register for the LSAT online. You won’t have to tap your foot impatiently through the whooshing, sputtering and beeping of your 56k modem to find out the latest salacious details of the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

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See Which December LSAT Deadlines Await You Tomorrow

Say it with me now (and try not to panic): “The December LSAT is less than a month away.” Now that you’re done crapping your mental pants, it’s time to remind you of a couple important December LSAT deadlines. Tomorrow, Nov. 9, is the last day you’ll be able to do the following:

– Register late for the December LSAT
– Change your December LSAT test center
– Change your December LSAT test date
– Withdraw from the December LSAT and get a partial refund

And, surprise, surprise, each of these above items comes with an associated cost. An LSAT test center change will run you $35. An LSAT test date change will run you $80.

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Sandy Shuts Down LSAC’s Offices For a Second Straight Day

If you tried accessing LSAC’s website for the past 24 hours or so, you likely had very little luck (it’s back now). Contrary to the hopes and dreams of many LSAT prep students, it had nothing to do with the release of October LSAT scores. No, this is the work of Hurricane Sandy.

The superstorm has killed at least 18 people on the eastern seaboard and left millions without power. New York City is one of the numerous areas devastated by flooding.

Sandy has also wreaked havoc in the LSAT world, forcing LSAC to close its Philadelphia-area offices yesterday and today and, as mentioned before, temporarily shutting down LSAC’s website. Numerous people have been unable to register for the December LSAT, which saw its early registration deadline pass yesterday. The late registration deadline for the December LSAT is November 9.

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Watch Out for These Looming October LSAT Deadlines

If you’re preparing for the October LSAT, don’t overlook actually signing up to take the test. Some important LSAC deadlines are coming up.

Tomorrow, September 14, is your absolute final deadline to register for the 2012 October LSAT. LSAC considers your registration late at this point, so it’ll cost you an extra $69 to register on top of the usual $160. If you want to take the October LSAT and haven’t registered yet, go to LSAC’s website and do so right away. If you don’t, you’ll find yourself excluded from the LSAT test center the morning of October 6, sadly pressing your face against the glass because all your friends are in there taking the LSAT but you aren’t allowed in the building.

If you’ve already signed up for the October LSAT, there are upcoming deadlines for you, too.

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It’s an Important Weekend for June LSAT Deadlines

Afraid of commitment? The next few days may tie your stomach in knots.

Deadlines for the June LSAT abound. This weekend is your last chance to get on or off the list (without losing your entire fee) for the LSAT administration coming up on June 11.

Today, May 18, is the late registration deadline for the June LSAT. If you’re planning to take the June LSAT but for some reason you have yet to register, stop reading this right now, visit the LSAC website and register for the LSAT. It’ll cost you an extra $69 on top of the usual fee of $160, but if you’ve been preparing for the June LSAT that fee is well worth it.

If you’ve already registered for the June LSAT, there are deadlines this weekend for you, too.

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Tomorrow is the December LSAT Deadline to Withdraw

Before we begin, I want you to know that it took every fiber of my being not to make any “pull out method” jokes while writing a post about the LSAT deadline for early withdrawal.

Phew, glad that’s out of the way.

So you’re sitting there thinking about whether or not to withdraw your registration before the December LSAT deadline — which is tomorrow, November 11, by the way. Your scores haven’t improved as much as you might like and you’re starting to get a little skittish.

Should you withdraw, or shouldn’t you?

I’m going to group people into two camps. First, let’s deal with those who have studied their butts off and completed the vast majority of the assigned homework.

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Imminent LSAT Deadlines for the June LSAT

So tomorrow is a big day for a lot of reasons.

First, I’m going bowling, and will make every attempt to break my high score of 117.

Second, it’s Friday, which means I’ll be just a day away from not having to wear pants for two whole days.

But perhaps most important, tomorrow also marks a number of deadlines for June LSAT takers.

If you want to register late for the LSAT, want to cancel your LSAT with a partial refund, or want to change the date or test center for when/where you’ll take the LSAT, tomorrow is the last day to do so (more or less).