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What Not to Do the Day Before the LSAT

Alright, you LSATers, it’s the day before game day. You’ve given yourself one last pep talk. You know your route to the testing center. You’ve woken up way earlier than seems appropriate for the last two weeks. You know where you’re eating breakfast before the exam and you’ve got some warm-up questions ready to go for tomorrow morning. It seems as though nothing could go wrong. And yet, some people still manage to screw things up. To prevent you from encountering such a fate, I’ve compiled a brief and handy list of things NOT to do the day before the LSAT.

1. Don’t burn yourself out.

If you haven’t totally mastered a technique at this stage of the game, spending a couple extra hours freaking yourself out the day before the test isn’t going to help. It’s going to hurt. A lot.