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Viva Las Vegas: The City of LSAT Flaws

I recently spent a few days in Vegas. What I learned was that, while what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, what happens in Vegas will also cause you to score poorly on the LSAT. Sin City is also the City of LSAT flaws.


While walking down the Strip, I was propositioned by a very nice, and I’m sure completely disease-free, lady of the night. When I politely declined her invitation to do something referred to as the ‘Chicago Slough,’ she questioned my sexual orientation.

No, Felicẻ, there are plenty of reasons I might decline your offer. Maybe I’m in a committed relationship. Maybe you’re just not my type. Maybe I don’t like paying for sex.

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Halloween LSAT Flaws are Spooky Stuff

Halloween is just around the corner. It’s a holiday best associated with C-cast horror movies, miniature ghouls and goblins crowding the streets, and excessive sugar-fueled hallucinations, ones that may seem completely removed from your LSAT study, but, as you may be noticing after completing lesson 6, flawed reasoning is everywhere, and this haunted holiday is no exception. So, to help you get in the holiday spirit, let’s analyze some of the most prevalent Halloween flaws.

See if you can spot the flaws in the following arguments:

All of my friends know and love Link, so my carefully constructed Link costume will make me the life of the party.