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Standardized Test Showdown

I hope you would never experience this, but the sad truth is you may come across an “off day” every now and then where you find yourself unmotivated to study the LSAT (hard to believe, I know). If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, I would suggest you find your inspiration in an unexpected place – the GRE. I had the misfortune of taking the GRE last week and never before have I been so thankful to teach the LSAT. Few things in life help you appreciate what you have, more than seeing how bad it is elsewhere (like how 10 minutes of Everybody Loves Raymond makes Modern Family seem like a masterpiece of modern television cinema).

And you should consider yourself similarly lucky – of all the standardized tests, you are fortunate to be faced with the LSAT and not some other standardized scrapheap.

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Why the LSAT is Useful, and one Canadian Newspaper is not

I think we can all accept that the LSAT is a ridiculous test. The subject matter of individual questions in logical reasoning can range anywhere from tree-dwelling kangaroos to weird syllogisms about well organized people. The skills tested in logic games are skills that no one will ever use again unless they are trying to