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Celebrate Earth Day With This Organic LSAT Logic Game

Happy belated Earth Day! The Earth might be doomed, but you can still save your LSAT score.

We may be a day late and a dollar short, but in honor of the Earth Day yesterday, MSS is happy to bring you an organic, locally sourced, and reusable LSAT Logic Game! Give it a try, and think of it as penance for your high carbon lifestyle.


Three recycling centers, A, B, and C, will each recycle at least one type of material: P, Q, R, and S. The assignment of materials to centers will adhere to the following rules:

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Run, Don’t Walk, to This Godzilla-Themed LSAT Logic Game

Godzilla opens in theaters today. This dinosaur with human arms has quite the nuanced history. This kind of nuance is the stuff of killer LSAT questions. So, in honor of the masochistic dinosaur fetishists at the LSAC, the LSAT blog brings you an original Godzilla-themed Logic Game, complete with B-movie plot hole!

During seven consecutive days, Godzilla will visit seven cities: Albuquerque, Billings, Chula Vista, Detroit, Erie, Fresno, and Guangzhou. Each city is visited exactly once. During each visit, Godzilla will fight exactly one of her seven enemies: Varan, Oodaku, Rodan, Titanosaurus, King Kong, Mechagodzilla, and Spacegodzilla. The outcome of each fight will be judged a win, or a loss, but not both, for Godzilla. The following is somehow known about Godzilla’s visits and fights:

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See If You Can Piece Together This SOTU LSAT Logic Game

Today is National Puzzle Day! So the LSAT blog is giving you the chance to celebrate in the true spirit of this nerdy day. That’s right: we’ve got an original LSAT Logic Game for you to piece together.

If you’re nursing a hangover from last night’s State of the Union drinking game (I did a shot every time Obama said “wage”), give yourself three bonus points. Here we go:

Nine bills, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I, were negotiated during a secret meeting of congressional leaders. The following details about the negotiations have been leaked:


Take a Swing at This Roided Up LSAT Logic Game

This week, Major League Baseball suspended 13 players for doping, including superstar Alex Rodriguez. In honor of this latest PED scandal, we’ve put together an LSAT Logic Game that A-Rod would probably fail. If you can nail this one, you might be able to find employment in pro baseball as a personal logician (you’d be working closely with the personal chemists).

Batter up:

A professional baseball player is going to take exactly seven different drugs at some time during seven consecutive days. Drugs A and B are testosterone boosters, drugs C, D, and E are synthetic growth hormones, and drugs F, and G are masking agents. According to his personal chemist, the player must take the drugs consistent with the following rules:


Unwrap This Reindeer-Themed LSAT Logic Game

Setting aside the scientific impossibility of a sled driven by flying reindeer making visits to millions of children around the world, we can nonetheless imagine some reindeer. No particular reindeer, just some reindeer. In a barn somewhere far north. To help you out, here’s an LSAT logic game on the very subject:

Eight reindeer: Blitzen, Comet, Cupid, Dancer, Dasher, Donner, Prancer, and Vixen, are assigned to occupy eight stalls in a barn, numbered consecutively one through eight from left to right. Each reindeer is assigned a stall and no more than one reindeer occupies each stall. The following conditions apply:

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Don’t Be Spooked By This LSAT Logic Game Hayride

Halloween is just around the corner, but if you’re studying for the December LSAT you probably haven’t had time to think about it. Allow me to put you in the Halloween mode with this fall-themed LSAT logic game:

Hayride: A school has taken a number of first, second, and third graders on a field trip to a pumpkin patch. Some of these children will get to go on a hayride. Three trucks will be used for the hayrides. One truck is red, one truck is green, and one truck is black. Each truck will give only one hayride, and each hayride will transport at least one child. The following conditions apply:

The red truck transports three children, none of whom are in the second grade.

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Test Your Thetan Levels in this Brand New LSAT Logic Game

It’s the weekend! Time to take a (short) break from your LSAT prep to relax. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m definitely going to see The Master this weekend, since PT Anderson is probably the greatest filmmaker of our generation. You should all see it too!

Anyway, in honor of this movie, I’ve put together a fun new LSAT logic game. Enjoy!

Seven people have been stopped on the street for stress tests – Carl, Daniels, Eef, Flaquente, Geonkole, Horticulture, and Ittatitta. The people giving the stress tests hope to convert some of these people to Scientology. Anyone converted will be converted one at a time, first to last. The following conditions apply.

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5 Easy Tips to Instantly Improve Your LSAT Prep

The October LSAT is on its way. Though you still have two months to go, it’s important that you get your LSAT studies off on the right foot; it’s hard to play catch-up with the LSAT. With that in mind, here are 5 easy tips that will immediately improve your LSAT prep:

Easy LSAT Prep Tip #1: When you’re studying for the LSAT, study for the LSAT

This means don’t watch TV. Keep the music off. Save the texting, sexting, and making your next move in Draw Something for when you take a break. To succeed at the LSAT, you have to train yourself to think in new and different ways. Multitasking as you study for the LSAT only hurts you in this endeavor. In fact, researchers have found that the more you multitask, the worse at it you are. You don’t have to study for the LSAT in an anechoic chamber — it’s worth it to be able to cope with some distractions since there are likely to be a few on LSAT test day.


Before the Party, Try Our Cinco de Mayo LSAT Logic Game

Tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo. Contrary to what many perceive, the holiday is not Mexico’s independence day: it celebrates the defeat of the French at the battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more widely in the United States than in Mexico, where it’s mainly celebrated near Puebla. Don’t let that stop you from partying, but consider augmenting your festivities with some Mole Poblano. In honor of Cinco de Mayo, here’s an LSAT logic game.

I’d recommend that you refrain from trying it the morning of May 6.

A travel club is planning a trip to Mexico. The club will visit at least three of the following seven states: Guerrero, Hidalgo, Jalisco, Michoacán, Nayarit, Oaxaca, and Puebla.

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Sink Your Teeth into an Easter Bunny LSAT Logic Game

Easter was yesterday, and by all reports the Easter Bunny had another successful campaign. But before any old rabbit can gain the title of Easter Bunny, he must audition.

Here’s an LSAT logic game on that very subject:

Seven bunny-rabbits: Fluffy, Harry, Jack, Playboy, Roger, Trix, and Velveteen, each audition exactly once for a position as Easter Bunny. No two rabbits audition at the same time. The following must obtain:

Roger and Peter audition consecutively.
Velveteen auditions at some time before Jack or at some time after Trix, but not both.
Fluffy auditions at some time after Trix and at some time before Roger.
Harry auditions at some time after Fluffy.