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Other Side Effects of LSAT Prep (Besides Making You Smarter)

Last week we covered an exciting scientific study which showed that studying with Blueprint LSAT Prep can actually make you a smarter person. For those spending their days and nights submerged in LSAT logic games, reading comp passages, and endless logical reasoning problems, it’s nice to know that all your effort has some bonus beneficial consequences on top of, you know, getting you into law school. But the rewards don’t end there! While we might not have the same academically rigorous studies to back it up, there are actually a number of other great side effects of LSAT prep that we’ve noticed. Effects such as…

Other Side Effect of LSAT Prep I: Saving You Money

Studying for the LSAT can cost a decent chunk of change, what with LSAT books, prep courses, and registering for LSAT test day.