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The LSAT Prep Adventures of Cecilia Tsoukalos: That’s a Rap

The countdown continues, as we are less than 40 days away from the June LSAT. How are you feeling? Anxious? Stressed? Shock and awe? Most likely it’s a combo. But you shouldn’t be worried if you aren’t scoring a 170+ yet. All in good time, y’all.

I experienced my first ever LSAT dream the other night. I won’t go into to too many details, but it involved sharing a testing room with Snoop Dogg. In actuality my testing location will be in Inglewood, so it would have been more accurate had Tupac been in my dream, but I can’t get too technical with my subconscious. Snoop Dogg was sitting next to me and I kept asking him if he knew which section of the LSAT was the experimental. I would have rather dreamt of ponies, or James Franco, but instead I got the LSAT. If the LSAT is constantly on your brain/in your dreams, you’re probably doing something right.