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What the NBA Finals Have Taught Us About LSAT Prep

Tonight, the Miami Heat and the San Antonio Spurs will go at it in game seven of the NBA finals. The entire season has come down to this. Should the Heat win, South Beach will go crazy, but I think the basketball result will be more of an excuse for the celebration than its underlying cause. And if the Spurs emerge victorious, will revelers, uh, throng the River Walk?

LSAT studiers who are basketball fans have it easy: the June LSAT is over and done with, and the October LSAT is still far away. You can watch the NBA finals without any tinge of guilt.

Although the LSAC will never ask you to shoot free throws (probably), there are lessons you can take from this year’s NBA finals if you’re studying for the LSAT. Here are some parallels:

It takes a strong rotation throughout to succeed.

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What Your Weekend Before the June LSAT Should Look Like

So this is it. It’s the Friday before the LSAT.

If you were taking, say, the October LSAT, you’d be mentally preparing to kick some LSAT butt tomorrow morning. But since this is June, you’ve got a whole, empty, interminable weekend stretching out ahead of you. What are you going to do with all that time?

You should take your final pre-LSAT practice test no later than Saturday. That means you’ll spend Saturday either taking your practice LSAT test and reviewing it, or (if you already took the practice test) perhaps fine-tuning a few weaknesses. That should keep you busy, and keeping busy is good.

But that leaves Sunday, an entire day on which you will be doing no studying. That’s right – no studying at all.

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Game of Thrones and LSAT Prep: A Match Made in Westeros

Fans love Game of Thrones for its intrigue, deceit, and wry humor. Of course, anyone studying for the LSAT knows that LSAT prep embodies the same qualities.

Pardon? You didn’t know that? Fear not, dear reader, for all shall be explained to you (and in prose as gripping as George R.R. Martin’s).

(Note: There aren’t any specific Game of Thrones spoilers in this article, but I will allude to things that are happening in the current season. If you haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, you should get off the computer, watch all available episodes immediately, and then return to the LSAT blog and read this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.)

Game of Thrones Example I: Daenerys’ big moment in Astapor

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Add Points to Your LSAT Score by Chewing Gum: Study

A recent study found a correlation between chewing gum consumption and test performance, and concluded that mastication-induced arousal causes improved performance — especially in the latter stages of a sustained task along the lines of, oh, say, an LSAT section.

Before any LSAT students shout that there’s a causal flaw, note that the study eliminated some alternate causes. The researchers split the subjects into a masticating group and a control group, which argues against any potential reversal of cause and effect. In other words, it seems unlikely that this is all because people who are better at tests like to chew gum. In a previous study, the subjects achieved the same benefits from sugar-free gum, so it doesn’t appear to be a case of a simple sugar high.

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The Final Four Tips for Those Starting June LSAT Prep

The NCAA tournament has reached its final weekend, and you know what that means: It’s Final Four time.

It’s also time to kick your LSAT prep into high gear if you’re planning on taking the June LSAT. Also, most Blueprint LSAT Prep classes start this weekend. With that in mind, here are your final four tips for successful LSAT study.

Final Four June LSAT Prep Tip #1: Seeding isn’t destiny

This year’s Final Four features Wichita State, who entered the tourney as a 9 seed. That didn’t stop the Shockers (I know, right) from knocking off the No. 1 seed in their region, Gonzaga. (How long will it be before Gonzaga is talked about as a potential No. 1 seed again?) Syracuse and Michigan, two of the other Final Four representatives, entered as No. 4 seeds, and each also knocked off a 1 seed.

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How to Study for the February LSAT on Super Bowl Sunday

The countdown to the February LSAT continues. You only have eight days left, so make them count.

Unfortunately, one of those days is Super Bowl Sunday. You’ll have to consider how to arrange your LSAT prep accordingly, but first, pause to consider the advantages you have over the players on the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens: You won’t have to spend a whole day dealing with the media in the lead-up to LSAT test day. Taking the LSAT is exceedingly unlikely to give you a concussion. If you get sick right after your most accurate LSAT practice test ever, your backup isn’t going to come in and take your job as starting LSAT test taker. If you get injured while prepping for the February LSAT, deer antler spray isn’t going to help you (though it might make up for all the showers you’ve missed).

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Make Your Worst Section Your Best Before the February LSAT

Today is January 9. The LSAT is on February 9. Unless you failed the third grade, you know that this means you have precisely one month until LSAT test day.

Ideally you’ve done a substantial amount of studying already, and your LSAT skills have been growing stronger by the day. But often people find that there’s one pesky section where things just aren’t clicking. Maybe you’re finding that you’re always missing a bunch of questions in Reading Comp, or you’re never able to finish Logical Reasoning, or perhaps you’re just not quite getting Logic Games. Well, whatever your weakest section may be, with practice you can turn it around this month and make it your strongest section by February LSAT test day.

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Use the Start of the NFL Season as Inspiration for LSAT Prep

The NFL regular season is finally here and that means it’s time to get out the chips and guacamole. Oh, and it also means that the October LSAT must be close (officially less than a month away).

Although there’s no better excuse to put off studying than to watch the fourth quarter of a Monday Night Football game, the NFL can also provide some good takeaways for LSAT test takers. For instance, there’s the preseason—a long and tedious process in which each game mirrors an LSAT practice test. As the preseason ends for NFL players, it starts for all the October LSAT test takers, and here’s what this means:

Four weeks before the NFL opener marks the end of training camp and the beginning of the preseason.