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Down the Home Stretch: One Month Until the October LSAT

Today is September 6. The LSAT is on October 6. We are officially one month away from the biggest test of your life. This sounds both scary and exciting. Exciting because you’re only a month away from having all of this behind you! Scary because, well, obviously. So where exactly should you be at this point?

First of all, it’s normal and to be expected that your LSAT score isn’t quite where you want it to be yet. You have a whole month of LSAT study in front of you, which is a lot of time to improve. This time will primarily be review, as well.

By this point, you should be done or nearly done learning how to do everything on the LSAT, and should be nearing the review phase. People often find that they improve by leaps and bounds once they’re done learning new information and they start practicing their new techniques.