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Your First Practice LSAT: Take It, Grade It, Embrace It

The September LSAT is approximately two and a half months away. Whether you’re enrolled in an LSAT prep course or studying on your own, it’s time to get down to business. First up? Taking your first practice exam.

If you’ve never studied for the LSAT before, your first practice exam will be what we call a “cold” exam. You’ll have no idea what to expect, you may have never seen a logic game before, and no matter how smart you are, you’re probably not going to do very well. Why? Unlike the SAT, you’re not going to roll out of your bed and ace the LSAT on your first try. The SAT is more of a general aptitude test, whereas the LSAT requires you to possess a very particular set of skills (just like Liam Neeson).

So why go through this torture?

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Spring 2014 Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Set to Tip Off

So your bracket’s busted. You’re not going to win Warren Buffet’s billion dollars. It’s OK. There are plenty of other ways to earn that much dough.

Some are even legal.

For example, as an attorney you could work 100,000 court cases in one year at $10,000 a pop. You might have to pull in some long hours, but think of all the yachts you’ll buy but never have time to use!

Alas, before you become a lawyer, you’ll need to go to law school, and before you go to law school, you gotsta take the LSAT. That’s where we come in.

Blueprint LSAT Prep’s spring classroom courses to prepare for the June LSAT are about to tip off. In fact, one of our Berkeley LSAT prep courses and one of our UCLA LSAT prep courses have already tipped. But no worries. You can still sign up for one of these other upcoming spring LSAT prep courses, listed here with the instructor and start date:

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Blueprint LSAT Prep’s New Website is Live!

As long as you’re not Facebook, Twitter or the Affordable Care Act, a redesigned website will never make national news.

Today, that changes.

Alert the presses, folks: Blueprint LSAT Prep has a brand new website — one that is somehow cooler-looking than our last one and loaded with a slew of new features. After a little maintenance, we went live this morning, so feel free to take the new site for a test spin. (Apologies ahead of time for any temporary bugs.)

Here’s an overview of all the changes:

It’s starts with the URL. Instead of www.blueprintprep.com, we can now be found at www.blueprintlsat.com.

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How You Can Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now

So you pulled the trigger and registered for the June LSAT. Things are starting to get real, but it ain’t no thang – you’ve signed up for that LSAT prep course. (You’re taking Blueprint, right?). Last we checked, it’s not anywhere close to June yet (thanks a lot, polar vortex), but still, maybe you can’t help but feel antsy. For those of you looking for a bit of a head start, here are four key things you can do now before your LSAT prep course begins this spring:

How to Start Prepping for the June LSAT Now I: Read all the things!
Reading and processing information is a foundational skill on the LSAT, so the more of this you do, the better. Content-wise, the LSAT draws from a wide range of subjects and disciplines, so aim for more variety than, say, your ex’s Twitter feed. Our advice: just read everything — The Wall Street Journal, Wikipedia, The Onion, Marcel Proust, product labels (speaking of, what is methochloroisothiazolinone, and what is it doing in my shampoo?).

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Open for 2014 February LSAT

There’s a lot going on in the world of LSAT next weekend (Dec. 7 and 8). With the December LSAT going down that Saturday, the baton changes hands Sunday with the start of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s winter 2013-2014 classroom courses in preparation for the February LSAT.

Because of law school application timelines, the February LSAT is the least popular LSAT that LSAC offers. However, Blueprint LSAT Prep still has six locations where you can take an LSAT prep course (as well as our online LSAT course, which will grant you access for the June LSAT, as well!).

Here’s a rundown of Blueprint LSAT Prep classroom courses for the February LSAT — all of which start on Dec. 8, 2013:

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Caption Contest Winner: Who Won $200 Off Online LSAT Prep

With the 2013 December LSAT just over a month away (yep), we here at Blueprint LSAT Prep thought we’d give all you procrastinators out there a chance to take our online LSAT prep course with a sizable discount. Enter: our latest LSAT blog caption contest.

Before announcing the winner, here’s how it went down: Last week, we posted the above photo and asked for prospective students to write a funny LSAT or law school-related caption. We pick our favorite one, and the winner receives a $200 discount off our 2013 fall online LSAT prep course — which gives you access for two testing administrations. Although some submissions were from ineligible entrants, they did not disappoint.

So without further ado, here’s the winning entry in the LSAT blog caption contest:

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Caption Contest: $200 Off Our Fall Online LSAT Prep Course

New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert!

Time is running out to register for Blueprint LSAT Prep’s fall online LSAT prep course for the 2013 December LSAT. That’s why we’re giving away a $200 discount towards our fall online LSAT prep course to whoever submits the best caption for the above photo. Make it funny, but not offensive, and try to connect it in some way to law school or the LSAT or anything pre-law. To see what we’re going for, here’s a recent example of a caption contest winner on the LSAT blog.

But hurry. We’ll pick our favorite tomorrow and announce the winner right here on the LSAT blog.

Please note: this contest is for new Blueprint LSAT Prep online LSAT prep course students only.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep 2013 Fall Courses Start Soon

Tick. Tock.

Tick. Tock.

Tick. Tock.

If you’ve had your sights set on the December LSAT (or had to re-adjust your focus after originally eyeing the October LSAT), you’re running out of time to sign up for one of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s fall LSAT courses — either live or online. Remember: as soon as the October LSAT ends, December LSAT prep starts.

If you’re interested in one of Blueprint’s live fall LSAT prep classes, which feature 112 hours of LSAT prep spread out over 16 lessons and six proctored practice LSATs, here’s a list of all our locations, their start dates, and the top-of-the-line instructors who will be teaching there: