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Don’t Panic, But the June LSAT is One Month Away

Here’s a phrase that oughta make you shudder just a bit: The June LSAT is exactly one month away. Spooky, I know. Not as spooky as the inexplicable success of the Twilight Saga, but pretty damn close (it doesn’t get spookier than sparkly vampires).

What should a person such as yourself be doing right now? If you’re reading this during normal waking hours, then the answer is the following: studying. Of course, you could mix in the occasional meal or trip to the gym, but you need to put the schnoz to the grindstone.

Now is the time for you to firm up all those soft spots in your LSAT prep. Focus on the basics. Make sure your foundation is solid. You can’t have a nuanced understanding of the more obscure LSAT question types until you have a full understanding of the least obscure. Don’t worry about time. That can come in a couple weeks.

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What to Expect Out of Your LSAT Prep Class (No Foolin’)

Many of our Blueprint LSAT classes just started, or will be starting very soon. Taking an LSAT course is an important event in every growing pre-law student’s life, and people often don’t know what to expect. Will it be hard? Is there homework? Will there be snacks? Well, let me tell you.

Your LSAT class will start with an LSAT practice test, which you’ve probably already taken. It’s very important that you start your studies with an actual LSAT in this way. Doing this is a good way to acquaint yourself with the beast before you learn how to conquer it. And it’ll be fun!

April Fool’s. It’s actually going to be sort of horrible. The LSAT’s a hard test, and diving in not knowing what you’re doing will be memorable, to say the least.

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How March Madness is Like the LSAT

We’re nearing the time when March Madness bleeds into April. The NCAA men’s basketball tournament has reached the Final Four; games this Saturday and next Monday will narrow it down from Kentucky, Louisville, Ohio State and Kansas to one champion.

Meanwhile, many future law students are gearing up for some April and May madness of their own, studying for the June LSAT. Whereas one of these events is a team sport in which highly trained athletes try to send a round ball through the net, the other is an individual intellectual endeavor in which the only round things are the bubbles on the answer sheet (and the occasional weird logic game).

Nonetheless, there are more similarities between the NCAA tournament and the LSAT than you might think:

The right kind of preparation is key.

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Five LSAT-Related Things to Give Up for Lent

I confess: I’m no Catholic. I’m not even Greek Orthodox (yes, they have Lent too). But after all the quasi church-sanctioned debauchery that goes on during Mardi Gras, even this Jew gets in the Lenten spirit. So, without further ado, here are 5 LSAT-related sins to rid yourself of:

1. Convincing yourself that doing most of your homework is okay.

C’mon, kids. You know better. Do you know why you’re given a copy of every LSAT question ever released? So you can do every LSAT question ever released. Why, you ask, is this important? Put simply, if you’ve completed every LSAT question then the good folk at LSAC can’t throw anything at you that you haven’t seen. So suck it up and stop slacking.