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One Week Until LSAT Registration Deadline!

One week. We’re not talking Barenaked Ladies. Or Buster Keaton. Or even Joshua Jackson (although here at Blueprint HQ, we’re always talking Joshua Jackson… ducks fly together, yo).

No, we’re talking about the regular registration deadline for the September LSAT (the late registration deadline is September 5th, which will cost you an extra $70 smackeroos).

You have one more week to decide whether it’s time to take the plunge and sign up, or whether you’re better off waiting until the December exam. If you’re not sure that this is the moment, here’s something to consider.

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Final June LSAT Registration Deadline Today: Are You Ready?

You must register through the LSAC’s website or by phone by midnight tonight if you want to take the June LSAT. If you can come up with the correct diagram* for the contrapositive of the last sentence, you might be in good shape for the June LSAT, but there are some other skills you should have learned by now, as well.

What You Should Know if You’re Ready for the June LSAT

Your best practice LSAT score is still ahead of you. We still have three and a half weeks of prep time for the June LSAT. So, you shouldn’t let your current practice LSAT scores determine whether or not you’re ready to merely register for the June LSAT. At this point you’re probably still struggling with timing. If your accuracy is pretty high (the ratio of correct answer choices to questions attempted), you’re going to enjoy a pretty sizable LSAT score improvement once you get your timing down.

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Sandy Shuts Down LSAC’s Offices For a Second Straight Day

If you tried accessing LSAC’s website for the past 24 hours or so, you likely had very little luck (it’s back now). Contrary to the hopes and dreams of many LSAT prep students, it had nothing to do with the release of October LSAT scores. No, this is the work of Hurricane Sandy.

The superstorm has killed at least 18 people on the eastern seaboard and left millions without power. New York City is one of the numerous areas devastated by flooding.

Sandy has also wreaked havoc in the LSAT world, forcing LSAC to close its Philadelphia-area offices yesterday and today and, as mentioned before, temporarily shutting down LSAC’s website. Numerous people have been unable to register for the December LSAT, which saw its early registration deadline pass yesterday. The late registration deadline for the December LSAT is November 9.

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What You Can and Cannot Bring on Test Day

If you’re taking the October LSAT this Saturday, you’ll be faced with the challenge of fitting all your necessities for the day into a one-gallon Ziploc bag. With that in mind, here’s what to bring and what not to bring this Saturday morning.

What to Bring on October LSAT Test Day:

Yourself. Be at the test center by 8:30 a.m. If you decide you’re not ready, go to LSAC’s website and withdraw your LSAT registration before midnight EDT Friday night.

Your LSAT admission ticket, with photo attached. LSAC now requires that you attach a recent, passport-style photo to your admission ticket. Once you take the photo, don’t make any major changes to your appearance.

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5 Things You Must Do the Week of the October LSAT

Today is Monday! The LSAT is on Saturday! Holy crap!

Alright, let’s calm ourselves down just a little bit. You’ve studied, things are looking good, and you just have to ride this week into a great LSAT score on Saturday. To keep you on the right track, we’ve got a list of things you need to make sure you do this week (perfect for after you’ve read the three things you should NOT do this week).

No. 1 on Your To-Do List for the Week of the October LSAT: Administrative Stuff

Double check everything with your LSAT registration, and take care of all the little things. Print out your admission ticket, make sure you have a non-expired acceptable form of identification, and get your passport-style photo taken.

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It’s an Important Weekend for June LSAT Deadlines

Afraid of commitment? The next few days may tie your stomach in knots.

Deadlines for the June LSAT abound. This weekend is your last chance to get on or off the list (without losing your entire fee) for the LSAT administration coming up on June 11.

Today, May 18, is the late registration deadline for the June LSAT. If you’re planning to take the June LSAT but for some reason you have yet to register, stop reading this right now, visit the LSAC website and register for the LSAT. It’ll cost you an extra $69 on top of the usual fee of $160, but if you’ve been preparing for the June LSAT that fee is well worth it.

If you’ve already registered for the June LSAT, there are deadlines this weekend for you, too.

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Early Registration Deadline for the June LSAT is Tomorrow

It doesn’t fully feel like LSAT prep season until the LSAC deadlines start to pass. The first deadline for the June LSAT was May 4 (the registration deadline for non-published LSAT test centers), but the critical LSAT deadlines still await us.

Kind of.

Tomorrow is May 8, and that is the final day to register for the June LSAT without paying a late fee. As a guaranteed first-ballot Procrastination Hall of Famer, I understand if you’ve waited this long to register. Unfortunately, if you still haven’t registered for the June LSAT you may have missed out on the best LSAT test center available. And if you wait any longer, you’re just going to bring on more stress than you need.

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Make Sure You Know All These February LSAT Deadlines

For those of you planning to take the February LSAT next month, listen up because today is an important day. It’s the last chance you have to register if you have not done so already – so if you don’t sign up by 11:59pm tonight, you’ll have to wait until June for your chance to tackle the LSAT.

Today is also the deadline to change your LSAT test center or push back your LSAT test date. Well, kinda. It’s the deadline for mail (snail that is), phone, or fax — so those of you who don’t know what a computer is, need to break out your typewriter and parchment and find some equestrianly inclined fellow to deliver your letter to the LSAC. Just make sure it’s postmarked today. For everyone else, especially those of you reading this blog online, you have until this Sunday, January 22, to change your test center or test date online at LSAC.org.

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Happy February LSAT Registration Deadline Day

Today is the last day to register for the February 2012 LSAT, so if you haven’t signed up yet, today’s the day. Okay, well there’s also the late registration option, which will allow you to put off signing up until the 20th, but it’ll cost you an extra $68 – a hefty fine for simple procrastination.

Here’s what you need to do. Go to the LSAC website, and create a LSAC account if you have not done so already. Login to your account and click Register for the LSAT. During the registration, you’ll have to pick a test center. Not all test centers are created equal, so don’t just pick the closest. I would recommend doing a little Google research to find rankings or reviews of the site you’re considering, or ask your instructor for suggestions. The February LSAT has traditionally been the least attended, so you shouldn’t have to worry about wait lists (fingers crossed).

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Registration Deadline for the February LSAT Looms

If you’re planning on taking the February 2012 LSAT, you are no doubt well into your studying. If you aren’t, just skip this blog post and go register for the June LSAT. If you have been studying, you may have overlooked one tiny, little, itty, bitty detail: you have to register for the test in order to take the test! That’s right, the registration deadline for the February LSAT fast approaches. In fact, the deadline for LSAC to receive your registration is Tuesday, January 10. If you planned on taking the LSAT at a non-published test center, the deadline is today.

Get thee to a computer lickity split (I love using that expression) and register. Actually, I’m guessing you’re already at a computer since you’re reading this, so simply open another browser tab, go to lsac.org, and git ‘er done. Done with that? Good.