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Why is the LSAC So Strict on LSAT Test Day?

The LSAC has always been a little excessive in their restrictions and policies, requiring finger printing, prohibiting mechanical pencils and sweaters with hoods (even if you’re not wearing the hood and it’s 20 degrees out), and recently, requiring students to bring a headshot picture of themselves, in addition to their ID. These policies may have been started with good intentions, but collectively they come off as somewhat comical, if not outright paranoid. Are they really worried that I’m going to turn my digital watch into some sort of a James Bond-inspired wireless transponder? Has the LSAC forgotten that I’m going to law school to avoid engineering, not to exploit it?

Add to the picture proctors tasked with interpreting and enforcing these rules, wielding absolute power over the futures of a few hundred stressed out pre-law students, and a whole new level of paranoid nonsense arises.