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Balancing the LSAT and a Busy Life

A Blueprint LSAT blog reader writes: ‘It would be helpful to have some tips and guidance in balancing the course workload with full time work. It is not easy keeping up with the homework while working and attending class.’

I’ve had a few thousand other students find themselves in similar situations. It really isn’t easy to balance life and LSAT prep, but here are some tips to help you along.

Tip 1 For Busy LSAT Students: Do a bit of everything.

If you can’t do all of your LSAT prep homework, try to do a bit from each section and at each difficulty. Don’t skip an entire section – that means do your Reading Comp homework!

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Planning Your Week-of-the-LSAT Schedule

Say it with me: There is less than a week until the December LSAT. Now that you’ve officially awoken from your Turkey Day stupor, it’s time to get down to planning your LSAT schedule for the week. Because everyone reading this is taking different classes with slightly different schedules, I’ll refrain from giving recommendations for specific days of the week (Friday aside). Rather, I’ll give you general guidelines about what you should be doing throughout the week to make sure you’re prepared come exam day.

First, whatever you happen to do on a given day, make sure that day starts at the same time your exam day will start. If you plan on getting up at 6 a.m. the day of the test, you had better get up at 6 a.m. Monday through Friday as well (and you should have done the same last week).

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Breaking Down Your Day-of-the-LSAT Schedule

We’re a little less than three weeks from the October LSAT, but there’s one area of the exam you might not be prepared for yet: What will your actual LSAT schedule look like on this wonderful day? Well, to start, you need to…

Get there by 8:00. That’s the first thing on your LSAT schedule. We know more sleep is tempting, but arrive early. Why? You should be doing some warm up before the test — a handful of LR problems and a game to get the gears grinding. Second, it’s good to have a buffer; you don’t want to take chances with your LSAT schedule.

Also, use the bathroom before checking in. Once you’re in, they don’t let you out until the test actually starts. So make some lemonade. It’s going to be a couple hours until your LSAT schedule allows for a restroom break.