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Boo! LSAC Releases Some Spooky October 2015 LSAT Scores

This week, LSAC decided to up the late-October spookiness level by releasing scores for the October 2015 LSAT.

I’ll get right to the number that has all of you on the edge of your seats: The curve was -12, meaning that of the 101 scored questions on the test, you needed to get 89 correct for a 170. For a 160, you needed to get 73 or 74 questions correct. For the keenly interested, here’s the score conversion table.

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June 2015 LSAT Scores Released

Yesterday was a big day in LSAT World, as the scores for the June 2015 LSAT were released late in the day.

Here’s how the curve broke down:
-10 for a 170
-26 for a 160
-44 for a 150

This means that you could’ve missed 10 questions and gotten a 170, and so on and so forth. Also of note is the fact that it was not possible to get a 179, 175, or a 122 on this exam.

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LSAC Releases 2014 June LSAT Scores: How’d You Do?

You might want to turn off the World Cup and check your email.

LSAC has just released the first batch of 2014 June LSAT scores. If you haven’t received yours yet, don’t panic. LSAC releases LSAT scores in random batches throughout the day. You might get yours at noon. You might get it at midnight. The important thing is, you’re getting it.

So, what stands out about the 2014 June LSAT?

First, let’s start with the curve. The 2014 June LSAT (101 questions) featured an LSAT curve of -13 — meaning you could miss 13 questions and still get a 170 LSAT score.

You could have missed 20 questions for a 165, -29 for a 160, or -46 for a 150.

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LSAC Releasing 2013 December LSAT Scores Today

Good news if you were looking for a lenient curve on the most recent December LSAT.

LSAC is releasing 2013 December LSAT scores today (at least for those who didn’t have to take a postponed exam due to weather), and all the buzz is about the lenient curve. How lenient? Take a look for yourself:

Yep, that’s an LSAT curve of -14 for a 170, -29 for a 160, and -46 for a 150 — meaning you could have missed 14 questions for a 170, 29 for a 160 or 46 for a 150. Heck, you could have missed three questions and still received a perfect 180 LSAT score.

Now, as of 3:00 p.m. PST, there are still plenty of people who haven’t received a 2013 December LSAT score. It usually takes LSAC several hours throughout the day to release all the LSAT scores in random batches.

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Savor the Final Weekend Before October LSAT Scores Are Out

Heads up, folks: 2013 October LSAT scores are officially scheduled to come out this Wednesday. But they are likely to come out as early as Monday, since the LSAC likes to release LSAT scores a few days before their deadline.

This will be your last weekend of ignorant bliss or nervous anticipation. You will probably have a few LSAT-themed nightmares, and you might not be so pleasant to be around.
So, if you’re looking to save your sanity or your personal relationships, it might be a good idea to spend this weekend doing something productive, like working on your law school personal statement.

If you need some help getting started on your personal statement then, Anna Ivey, former dean of admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, has some great advice for you on how to approach law school personal statement questions.

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When and Where to Expect Your 2013 October LSAT Score

So you took the October LSAT. It’s too late to cancel your LSAT score now, so you have one out there somewhere, floating in the ether. All that remains is for you to find out what, exactly, that LSAT score is.

LSAC estimates that October LSAT scores will be released on October 30. That’s in precisely two weeks. But LSAC has a long-established track record of releasing LSAT scores earlier than the official release date. LSAT scores are nearly always released at least a day or two early, and sometimes even earlier than that.

The one notable exception to this trend was last October’s LSAT scores — which came out a day after LSAC’s published release date. There were extenuating circumstances, though, as Hurricane Sandy was wreaking havoc on the eastern seaboard at the time, interfering with LSAC’s Philadelphia-area operations.

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2013 June LSAT Scores Coming Out Today

Happy Monday to all you June LSAT test-takers out there.

Four days ahead of schedule, LSAC has released the 2013 June LSAT scores. The June LSAT curve is -11 for a 170 and -27 for a 160 (meaning that’s how many questions you could have missed to retain that LSAT score). Here’s a screenshot of the June LSAT score conversion chart:

The infamous grey icons appeared on LSAC’s website early this afternoon, and sure enough, shortly thereafter the first batch of June LSAT scores came out. Remember: If you don’t receive your June LSAT score right off the bat, don’t panic. LSAC releases LSAT scores in completely random batches throughout the day. It can take several hours for all the LSAT scores to come out.

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On the Lookout: 2013 June LSAT Scores Due Out This Week

What’s the most important thing happening in the good old U.S. of A. this week? No, it’s not Independence Day; it’s the release of June LSAT scores, which is slated to happen on Friday, July 5.

As if June LSAT score release day wasn’t anxiety-inducing enough, there are a couple wild cards in play that will really make you feel like you need a stiff drink. For one thing, although LSAC will release LSAT scores no later than Friday (barring a natural disaster), LSAC has also been known to release LSAT scores as much as a few days early. In this case, it seems unlikely that LSAT scores will be released on the Fourth (not because LSAC cares about ruining your holiday, but because they will be too busy drinking beer and doing logic games with their friends), so if you don’t have your June LSAT score by Wednesday night you can relax until Friday.

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Under Closer Inspection: The October 2012 LSAT

If you took the October 2012 LSAT, you should have gotten an email today from LSAC SCORE with the subject line “Your October 2012 LSAT Score.” LSAC may have its faults, but not being explicit ain’t one of them. And once you click on that email, as I’m sure most of you have, there it is. Three little numbers saying how you did on the test. Then, if you’re like most people, it’s straight to the bottle, either to celebrate or to grieve.

(If you haven’t gotten your October LSAT score back it’s probably because they lost your test, or because they’re waiting until the end to give out all the really bad LSAT scores.)


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LSAC Releases October LSAT Scores

UPDATE: The LSAT score conversion chart for the October LSAT is at the bottom of the post.

UPDATE: Multiple reports indicate the curve for the October LSAT was -10 for a 170 and -25 for a 160.

UPDATE: At 5 p.m. EST, LSAC began releasing the first batch of October LSAT scores. It should take several hours for LSAC to release all scores.

LSAC is back.

After being shut down for three days due to Hurricane Sandy, LSAC was unable to send out October LSAT scores by its estimated release date of October 31. In fact, LSAC’s Pennsylvania headquarters were running on generator power as of yesterday. LSAC estimated that scores would probably be out by Thursday, or Friday at the latest.