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October 2011 LSAT Scores Released

Like a black leopard in Ohio, the October 2011 LSAT scores are on the loose.

They made you wait over the weekend, but around 2:00 p.m. PST Monday, the LSAC released the first batch of October LSAT scores — sticking to their trend of releasing scores two days ahead of schedule.

Here’s hoping it was worth the wait.

With the release of scores comes the unveiling of the curve. While initial reactions of the LSAT way back around October 1 indicated that it was a pretty standard LSAT, a very lenient curve seems to tell a different story.

For the October 2011 LSAT, test-takers could have missed 13 questions and still scored a 170.

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December 2010 LSAT Scores Released

December LSAT scores are out.

Pause here for intense emotion, followed by ferraro rocher consumption (don’t act like you haven’t tried its sweet, sweet combination of nougat and chocolate crispies). After the tumult of receiving your LSAT score has subsided, it’s time to turn your attention to the question of a most urgent nature. Namely, how difficult was the curve for the December 2010 LSAT?

In early December, our very own Blueprint LSAT founder Matt Riley made some predictions about the December 2010 curve. The upshot? That it would easier than winning a limbo showdown with Yao Ming. Since Yao Ming is 7’6”, that’s pretty darn easy.