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The Numbers are In: The LSAT Stats and What They Mean to You

Every year, thousands and thousands of people just like you take the LSAT. Over a hundred thousand, to be precise. To be even more precise, check out this chart listing the number of administered LSATs per test date. No seriously, go check it out. Really.

Pretty fun, right? There’s a few things you may have noticed. First, LSAT apparently wants you to share this chart on both facebook and twitter. But more importantly, the numbers have been fluctuating. During the 2009-10 cycle, LSATs administered were up a whopping 13.3% from the previous cycle, with over 170,000 people taking the test. This was an increase that started during 2008-2009 period, which saw a 6.4% total increase from the cycle prior.

What’s going on here?