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Start Gathering Your October LSAT Test Day Materials Now

The October LSAT is coming up in less than two weeks (12 days, to be exact). If you’re registered, it’s time to start putting together everything you’ll need for that morning at your friendly local LSAT test center.

Here are some things you’ll need to start gathering now to bring on October LSAT test day:

Your LSAT admission ticket, with passport-style photo attached. LSAC requires that you attach a photo from the last six months to your LSAT admission ticket. The photo must show you as you look on LSAT test day, so if you’re planning to shave your head into a Mohawk, either do it before you get your photo taken or wait until after LSAT test day.

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Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know: Texas

Put on your boots and ten-gallon hat. It’s time to see who will be teaching Blueprint LSAT Prep’s summer courses in Austin, Dallas and Houston.

It’s just the latest installment in our ongoing LSAT blog series Blueprint LSAT Prep Instructor Get-to-Know. Our first one covered New York LSAT prep; the second one was Boston and Washington DC LSAT prep; and last week’s was all about Chicago, Miami and Philadelphia LSAT prep.

But this week we’re headed to the Lone Star State. Please say hello to our Texas LSAT prep summer instructors:

Blueprint’s Austin LSAT Prep:


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What Your Weekend Before the June LSAT Should Look Like

So this is it. It’s the Friday before the LSAT.

If you were taking, say, the October LSAT, you’d be mentally preparing to kick some LSAT butt tomorrow morning. But since this is June, you’ve got a whole, empty, interminable weekend stretching out ahead of you. What are you going to do with all that time?

You should take your final pre-LSAT practice test no later than Saturday. That means you’ll spend Saturday either taking your practice LSAT test and reviewing it, or (if you already took the practice test) perhaps fine-tuning a few weaknesses. That should keep you busy, and keeping busy is good.

But that leaves Sunday, an entire day on which you will be doing no studying. That’s right – no studying at all.

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Only One Week Left, June LSAT Test-Takers

The June LSAT is one week away. Seven days. One hundred and sixty-eight hours, give or take. Before you freak out, it’s time to figure out how you’re going to make the most of the next week.

If you’re close to your target LSAT score, your job this week is to build confidence and make small refinements to your technique. Contrary to what you might fear, you’re not going to forget everything about the LSAT if you let up a little. Seriously, you won’t. On the other hand, studying like a maniac and burning out won’t help you.

So keep up the timed practice: Do full LSAT sections and a couple full LSAT practice tests. Review them carefully and look to shore up any weaknesses you find. But don’t do too much. Don’t try to change anything you’re doing too drastically. Get enough sleep, eat right, and get some exercise.

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What to Do Tonight While the LSAC Website is Down

LSAC down! LSAC down!

Between 8 p.m. and 2:30 a.m. EST tonight, most of the relevant portions of the LSAC website will be unavailable for scheduled maintenance. So no sitting there, finger on the “Withdraw” button for the June LSAT. Which is a good thing since you shouldn’t be making that decision yet anyway.

So what should you be doing during this LSAC.org blackout? Several ideas come to mind:

1) Study. Duh.

2) Head over to CVS and get your picture taken. You need to have a passport-style photo with a blank background attached to your ticket on LSAT test day.

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3 LSAT Prep Tips for Studying Over Memorial Day Weekend

It’s Memorial Day weekend, a time that for many people marks the start of summer, beach trips, drinks in the sun, and wearing white again. For those studying for the June LSAT, though, it more likely brings on panicked thoughts of impending doom. How should you spend your next couple weeks of studying to maximize your success?

Memorial Day Weekend LSAT Prep Tip I: Don’t panic

The vast majority of my students don’t see their biggest LSAT score gains until right before the test. Even if your recent LSAT practice test scores have not been near your goal LSAT score, keep studying as though you’ll take the June LSAT; chances are your LSAT scores will improve drastically as you keep reviewing and drilling weaknesses. However, if you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you will not be ready for the June LSAT, remember that the deadline to change your LSAT test date to the October LSAT is this Sunday at 11:59 pm ET.

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Beat Today’s June LSAT Early Registration Deadline

If you’re planning to take the June LSAT but you haven’t registered for it yet, stop reading and go register through LSAC right now. Anyone who registers for the June LSAT after 11:59 p.m. will have to pay a $69 late fee. That’s like letting LSAC steal 260 chicken nuggets from you.

For the June LSAT Fence-Sitters

Not sure you want to take the June LSAT? Well, here are some things you have to think about:

First, the June LSAT is the only test administration offered at 12:30 p.m., the rest are offered at 8:30 a.m. So, if you’re not a morning person the June LSAT is for you.
Second, getting the LSAT out of the way by June will give you plenty of time to focus on getting some awesome recommendation letters and putting together a sweet personal statement.

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This Earth Day, Ensure Your LSAT Prep Environment is Stable

Today is Earth Day, so let’s hope you’re being extra conscientious about keeping our environment healthy (you know, recycling, staying away from single-use cups and the like). While you’re being inundated with “green” messages on the interwebs, let’s also take a moment to ensure that your LSAT study environment stays healthy as well.

Just follow these quick tips and you’ll be back to saving your LSAT score (and Earth) in no time.

Earth Day LSAT Prep Tip I: Have a routine and stick to it

Your LSAT study should be a daily appointment for you. You need to set aside the proper amount of time, ahead of time, to ensure that you don’t fall behind.

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The Final Four Tips for Those Starting June LSAT Prep

The NCAA tournament has reached its final weekend, and you know what that means: It’s Final Four time.

It’s also time to kick your LSAT prep into high gear if you’re planning on taking the June LSAT. Also, most Blueprint LSAT Prep classes start this weekend. With that in mind, here are your final four tips for successful LSAT study.

Final Four June LSAT Prep Tip #1: Seeding isn’t destiny

This year’s Final Four features Wichita State, who entered the tourney as a 9 seed. That didn’t stop the Shockers (I know, right) from knocking off the No. 1 seed in their region, Gonzaga. (How long will it be before Gonzaga is talked about as a potential No. 1 seed again?) Syracuse and Michigan, two of the other Final Four representatives, entered as No. 4 seeds, and each also knocked off a 1 seed.

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How to Study for the February LSAT on Super Bowl Sunday

The countdown to the February LSAT continues. You only have eight days left, so make them count.

Unfortunately, one of those days is Super Bowl Sunday. You’ll have to consider how to arrange your LSAT prep accordingly, but first, pause to consider the advantages you have over the players on the San Francisco 49ers and Baltimore Ravens: You won’t have to spend a whole day dealing with the media in the lead-up to LSAT test day. Taking the LSAT is exceedingly unlikely to give you a concussion. If you get sick right after your most accurate LSAT practice test ever, your backup isn’t going to come in and take your job as starting LSAT test taker. If you get injured while prepping for the February LSAT, deer antler spray isn’t going to help you (though it might make up for all the showers you’ve missed).