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Cyber Monday Purchases You’ll Need for the December LSAT

It’s Cyber Monday! Which, let’s be honest, really is just an absolute nothing of an event. You can get online deals that are slightly better than the online deals you can normally get? Hooray!

But if you’re the kind of person who was excited for Black Friday, you’ve probably already spent a lot of money you don’t have on stuff you don’t need. So why not spend a little more on stuff you do need? Here are some deals on items you’re going to need for the December LSAT this weekend. Just make sure anything you order online is guaranteed to arrive before Saturday.

Cyber Monday Purchase for the December LSAT I: Watches

There’s a million of these on Amazon, so if you want something nicer than an eight-dollar piece of junk from Target, now might be the time to buy.

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October LSAT Horror Story: The Man With Mono

Halloween and LSAT score release day are next week, which means now is as good a time as any for an LSAT horror story. I’ll get this haunted hayride started with my recent traumatizing encounter with the October LSAT:

It was a dark and stormy night… scratch that, it was an overcast and gloomy morning. I normally wake up around noon, but the piercing alarm shook me from unconsciousness at the crack of dawn, which, boys and girls, is quite terrifying. It wouldn’t have been so bad had I gone to bed early the night before, as I always tell my students to do, but I had been fighting mono for about three weeks, and had spent the previous night tossing and turning in a pool of fever sweat.

After stumbling into the shower and getting dressed, I took my temperature. It was a relatively low 100 degrees, but I was still in no condition to take one of the most feared standardized tests known to man.

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Slay the LSAT Monsters: Reading Comp, Logic Games, LRs

Halloween’s just around the corner, and the scariest thing this year isn’t witches, Satanists, or your sister’s barely-there nurse costume. Rather, Halloween starts the 1-month countdown to the December LSAT.

By now, you should be pretty far along in your studies. You should also have a nemesis in the form of one of the sections. Van Helsing had his Dracula. William Stoughton had his witches. Dr. Frankenstein had Frankenstein’s monster (probably should have seen that one coming).

Each section can be terrifying in its own right. However, each section has its own silver bullet – a strategy to destroy it in one fell blow.

But where can you find these amazing, anti-monster strategies?

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4 Ways to Pay for the October LSAT Fee

The October LSAT is still over two months away, but it’s time to register at a testing center near you, if you haven’t already done so. Don’t procrastinate, because all LSAT testing centers are not created equal. Some testing center are known for being spacious and comfortable, while others are infamous for packing two hundred students into a crammed lecture hall, so do some research and find out which is the best LSAT testing center near you.

Also, if you’re taking the LSAT on a university campus, be careful to make sure that there will be no tailgating on your testing campus that day, as the October LSAT falls on college football game day. The sound of keg-stands and collegiate marching bands might be something you want to avoid. Testing centers can fill up fast, so register for the October LSAT now and get your first choice.

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One Week Until the June LSAT, Ready or Not

With the countdown to the June LSAT now in the single digits, it’s time to have a serious conversation.

Not everyone reading this is prepared for the LSAT next week. Others will have a bad day (either because of illness or an RC passage on which you freeze up).

So we need to talk about what to do in these cases.

First, how do you know if you’re ready, and what should you do if you’re not?

To tell if you’re ready, look at your last 2-3 LSAT practice tests. Are they within 5 points of your target LSAT score? If so, you should most likely sit for the exam on LSAT test day.

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5 Dos and Don’ts with Two-and-a-Half Weeks Until the LSAT

There are two-and-a-half weeks left until the June LSAT, but who’s counting? No doubt your emotions are starting to run high—be they excitement, anxiety, guilt, optimism, or some good old-fashioned paranoia. You’re probably going back and forth between daydreams of scoring a personal best LSAT score and nightmares of forgetting how to write your own name on a Scantron. The following advice will hopefully allow you to increase your LSAT score by a couple of precious points or, at the very least, avoid an infamous LSAT test day meltdown.


• There’s still time to achieve some solid LSAT studying. Iron out any wrinkles you may have — whether they’re LSAT logic games, Logical Reasoning flaw questions, or LSAT reading comp passages.