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LSAT Studying: The Need for Speed

It’s around now (about two months from the LSAT) that people in class start worrying about speed (if they haven’t been already).  Almost everyone does this in some way or other, but allow me to just say that this concern is nearly always premature at this point.

Yes, the LSAT is all about time.  Most people would answer the vast majority of problems correctly if they had an unlimited amount of time in which to do so.  Unfortunately, this isn’t the way the test works.  You’re given what seems like (and at first is) an extremely limited amount of time to do some pretty sophisticated stuff.  If you were slow and careful with every problem, you wouldn’t finish any of the sections.  This, clearly, will cause you to miss some points.  So naturally you want to go faster.  But, for now, not finishing sections is totally fine.