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A Brief Wrap-Up Before Everyone Goes Back to Not Caring About Iowa

The Iowa caucuses were last Monday. Blueprint sent me down to Iowa to cover the event, to look for the story between the headlines.

Once every four years, the Hawkeye State gets to feel like the quiet kid in elementary school everyone forgot about until his parents got him a pair of sweet Ninja Turtle light-up shoes. Iowa is the first electoral event of the presidential election season.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.29.15

A. Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley had a rally in Iowa in which one person attended. O’Malley was quoted as saying, “One is more than zero, y’know?” CNN
B. Rob Kardashian (shouldn’t it be Kob Kardashian?) had a health scare, but now he’s back in the spotlight, so everything is fine or whatever. E!
C. Ethan Couch – AKA Affluenza Teen, who was acquitted of murder because he was too rich to understand the consequences of his actions – has been arrested for violating probation. Gawker
D. Here’s a guy who takes selfies with animals. (Affluenza teen again? We’re confused.) Huffington Post
E. A collection of amazing photos. The Starbucks in Dubai is cray. EMGN