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What to Watch while the LSAT Makes your Brain Melt

As we’re getting into the last month before the LSAT, it’s time for some fairly intense studying. You should be doing your practice in long, uninterrupted chunks; gone are the days of half-assedly doing LR in front of the TV, just getting in a game or two on the bus, or doing reading comp high. Now is the time for focused marathons. But those marathons can tire you out, and you’ll still need breaks here and there. And what we all do, of course, is watch TV. Since I don’t have actual cable, I watch everything on Netflix Watch Instantly. Unless you’re reading this on paper, because someone printed it out for you (and I’m guessing there would be a good story behind that), then you’re probably a member of the 99% of people in the country who have Netflix and some device that streams it to your TV.

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Harvard Law Student Email and the Specter of Race

Does an average black American have a greater chance of being a sickle cell anemia carrier than an average white American? If I were to pose to you the above question, what would you think? Would you consider it a racist question, or merely a question of scientific import? I’d argue that you’ve got some strong scientific evidence suggesting yes, black Americans do have a greater chance of being sickle cell carriers (but as I was a history major, and am basing that off of a decently thorough Google search and what I remember from high school Biology, I’ll accept someone completely disagreeing with this and calling me a ninny).

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There is no Spoon: the LSAT as Taught to Keanu

So it occurred to me recently, while settling in for my 21st viewing of Point Break, that teaching the LSAT is a truly bodacious experience. I work less than 20 hours a week, I get to teach about dinosaurs and Thurgood Marshall, and I make enough money to travel the world in my downtime. But

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US News Law School Rankings: the 2010 Rankings are Out

I managed to sprain/break my ankle last week while lightly jogging to my car. I’ve been claiming I fell on a curb, but really, it was just a slight incline (hey, it was dark!). I then fainted, like a lady in Victorian England wearing a corset too tightly. I say “sprain/break” because my ankle a)

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Brooklyn > Manhattan: the Soundness of Studies

Brooklyn > Manhattan: the Soundness of StudiesSome crazy-smart dude with a fancy calculator who’s basically the Nostradamus of politics just decided to rank the best neighborhoods in New York City. And guess what, mofos? My little neck of the woods, Park Slope, was named as the best place to live in this giant orifice. That’s right, Manhattan, so why don’t you go ahead and stick that in your pipe and smoke it, courtesy of Brooklyn, your bigger and better neighbor.

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Las Vegas: City of Sin (and LSAT Fallacies)

I recently returned from a trip to Vegas.  Well, actually, I returned about two weeks ago, but my wallet and my soul have just recently recovered.

Seeing as I am unable to ever completely shake the LSAT out of my brain (even after twelve beers at the pool and too many tequila shots to recall), I kept noticing that people use some pretty flawed logic inside the hallowed walls of those casinos.  I know that might sound shocking since we normally equate Vegas with rationality and profound intellect, but let me give you a couple examples.

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The Glee of Law School Life

World, rejoice.  The new season of Glee has returned to our televisions.  Which not only means that entertainment journalists across the country have an excuse to use the term “Gleek” again (get it?), but for an hour a week I can indulge my weakness for pop music remixes, impossible plot lines, and a world where the hot jock really does fall in love with the nerdy girl*.  Added bonus: it’s back, like a ray of light piercing the darkness, just in time for the return of finals’ season.  Sometimes the world just makes sense.

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Pursuing an LLM degree in Ireland

I’m currently spending my days in Galway, Ireland – a quaint town where the sheepdogs run free by day, and by night drunks find themselves toppling over bridges and into the cold, rushing waters of the Eglinton Canal. Galway is also expensive, and the awful currency exchange now has me measuring all of my purchases