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The Morning Cometh: The February 2018 LSAT Recap

The February 2018 LSAT marks the start of the new year for LSAC and law school hopefuls — sort of. Based on some calendar chicanery from LSAC, they’re actually saying the new year is the start of the new year is in June 2018. It’s a long story, but sort of relevant for today’s purposes.


The Morning Cometh: The September 2017 LSAT Recap

On Saturday, what will almost certainly be the largest collection of law school hopefuls to assemble this year woke up to chase their proverbial paper boat of law school dreams down the street, leading them to a storm drain testing center. These law school hopefuls could have lost that paper boat down the storm drain, taken hostage by an evil, shape-shifting clown called the LSIT. Or they could have safely retrieved the boat before it washed down the drain, instead encountering a familiar, less scary, and predictable entity called the LSAT.

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The Morning Cometh: The June 2017 LSAT Recap

With the February 2017 LSAT held right before Super Bowl LI, it’s only fitting that the June 2017 LSAT fell on the same day as the deciding game of a major sporting championship. And while the, let’s say less-than-transparent, New England Patriots were appropriate victors for the ultra-secretive February exam, the Golden State Warriors, love ‘em or hate ‘em, are the appropriate winners for the start of the published LSAT year, as that team perfect embodiments of this test.

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2014 June LSAT Morning Cometh: Staying Positive, Patient

So after months of studying, practice tests and hard work, you’ve finally taken the 2014 June LSAT. This should be cause for celebration, but maybe you’re not in the most jovial mood. Maybe things didn’t go smoothly for you yesterday. Maybe you’re worried about your LSAT score. And then there was that damned Logic Game. (“What the flip was that, LSAC?!”)

We wouldn’t blame you if these thoughts were running through your mind today. But keep one thing in mind: you’re not the only one. Were you a bit shaky in section 1 yesterday because of the nerves? So were other people. Did you have a less-than-stellar proctoring experience? Chances are someone else’s was worse (read some of the comments from yesterday’s 2014 June LSAT Instant Recap!). And that brutal fourth Logic Game? Yep, join the club.

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2014 February LSAT Morning Cometh

It’s over. The February LSAT is behind us. Take a deep calming breath, and let’s talk.

I’m here to give you a rundown of the impressions people had, and point you in the right direction for what’s next.

The February LSAT Was Weird

Most people I’ve talked to think the February LSAT was weird.

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The Morning Cometh: Reaction to the 2013 October LSAT

The Monday after an LSAT can often feel like the day after a bad breakup. So, I’m gonna do for you what I do for all my friends during their dark times. Ladies, I want you to take a dose of Shania Twain. Fellas, I’m prescribing you some Salt ‘N Pepa. And, for the sake of avoiding Exclusivity Flaws, everyone else should enjoy some Gloria Gaynor.

2013 October LSAT Morning Cometh: Difficulty

I’ve surveyed the Internet’s most reliable October LSAT rumor mills (including our LSAT blog’s very own 2013 October LSAT Instant Recap) and it seems like the October LSAT was pretty straightforward. Sure, there seems to have been a difficult Logic Game, but there’s always at least one.

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The Morning Cometh: Reaction to the December 2012 LSAT

Another year, another December LSAT. I’d wager you woke up a little later and in a little less pristine condition this morning than you did yesterday. Now that your December LSAT answer sheet is on its way to Newtown, Penn., you’re probably feeling a little differently than yesterday.

I’ve heard from a number of students, and it sounds like yesterday’s LSAT didn’t hold any big surprises. While there were some hard questions as always, no one’s reporting anything too strange.

By most accounts, Logical Reasoning was fairly normal. The exception is that there may have been several crux questions, whereas usually there’s at most one on a given LSAT.

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October 2012 LSAT Morning Cometh

It’s October 7, 2012, which means another LSAT has passed us by. When you’ve been working in this business this long, it’s how you mark the passing of the years.

I talked with a number of students about the exam yesterday. What was remarkable was everyone thought it was pretty easy, except for the section on which they’d been scoring the highest. So those who were relying on RC to prop up their score invariably commented on the difficulty of that section, for example. And the students who were pretty standardized throughout the exam felt that LR was the hardest section, which is par for the course – if there’s no stand-out difficult section, you tend to remember the LR questions that were tricky.