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February 2012 LSAT Blog Carnival

It’s been two full days since the February LSAT, but people are still talking about it. How hard was that reading comp section? Did LSAC slip the experimental section in another rare spot? What about the fact that is appears to have been only 100 questions long (as opposed to the usual 101)?

To find out what the people are saying about Saturday’s LSAT test day, let’s take a look around the blogosphere in another magical installment of the Most Strongly Supported Blog Carnival — 2012 February LSAT-style:

Brenda here was so pumped to get the damn test over with she turned into a cat. Savannah just wanted a 168. And Sasha is relieved to be at the conclusion of a long journey.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.5.11

A) US News & World Report has a new law school admissions blog and their first post is about whether or not you should cancel your December LSAT score. (You have until Friday to do so; our similar post will be up Thursday.) Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) Who says you can’t use the LSAT in real life? This first lieutenant in the Army certainly did. US Army.

C) Changes are coming to how law schools report job placement data. Finally. National Law Journal.

D) Letter to the Editor: You’re wrong about law school. New York Times.

E) Put on your favorite album of the year and check out these — the 45 most powerful images of 2011. BuzzFeed.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.2.11

A) With the LSAT arriving tomorrow (you know this, right?), let’s browse the blogosphere to see what people are saying. Here’s Blake, who has been prepping since March. The McConnell Center.

B) Here’s a girl with a plan and a goal (170). Jazz This Up.

C) This guy is taking a no nonsense, levelheaded approach to the LSAT. Death Rayz.

D) Here’s a list of things to do after the LSAT that we fully endorse — especially the bit about applications. The Jamaican Sasha Gaye.

E) Let’s all take a moment of silence for those taking the LSAT on their birthday. Libertine Memoir.

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Logical Reasonings / 12.1.11

A) News is spreading of the lawsuit filed by a woman with a cognitive disorder against the LSAC because they denied her extra time on the LSAT. Don’t be surprised if your Aunt Gladys brings it up during Christmas dinner. CBS New York.

B) Here’s the big news out of the University of Indiana law school that Logical Reasonings teased yesterday. And by “big,” we mean 24 million bucks. IBJ.

C) Can you guess the only state without its own law school? Too late. It’s Alaska. Fairbanks Daily News-Miner.

D) John Grisham + Charles Bukowski = This. Above the Law.

E) Everyone, meet Bennett. His texts are so awesome, his cousin dedicated a website to them. Texts From Bennett.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.30.11

A) It’s loan-ly in law school. International Business Times.

B) The University of Indiana law school is set to make a big announcement Thursday. Sounds like somebody’s expecting! IBJ.

C) Facebook settles that whole privacy thing with the FTC, lost phone, needs numbers. National Law Journal.

D) A deaf Colorado man alleges he was jailed for 25 days without access to an interpreter, though his cellmates consider him lucky given that the police station has been playing nothing but Bieber’s Christmas album. ABA Journal.

E) This camel sounds like Peter Griffin. (Looks more like Meg.) Redux.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.29.11

A) The LSAC is under fire again for a disability-related issue. The question is, can it be resolved before Saturday’s exam? Disability Law.

B) William Mitchell College of Law needs to change its relationship status from “In a Relationship” to “Single” because Alotta Dett has broken it off. Above the Law.

C) Cornell Law School is getting an upgrade — a big upgrade. National Law Journal.

D) Twenty people have been arrested in a scandal that involves cheating on the ACT and SAT. This is why the LSAC is so strict on LSAT test day. CNN.

E) When looking to get back at a girl for cheating on you, tattooing a steaming pile of poop is certainly one way to go. Bro Bible.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.28.11

A) Pace Law School is opening its own law practice. All by itself! National Jurist.

B) Law school is great, but sometimes you need to follow your cake-decorating dreams. ABA Journal.

C) Here’s a social network-by-social network guide for lawyers (and everyone else). Above the Law.

D) The filmmakers of Larry Crowne have been fined because the poster for the movie depicts Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts riding a scooter without helmets. Option 1: Pay the fine. Option 2: End the movie with a deadly scooter accident that educates viewers of the importance of helmets. Forbes.

E) Ever notice how the return home always seems to take less time than the departure? Hey, why the hell is that? io9.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.22.11

A) “Let’s Kill All the Law Students.” That is what you call a headline teaser. Huffington Post.

B) Here are some reactions to a Logical Reasonings post concerning Penn State’s law school offering a fee waiver. Above the Law.

C) Here’s a unique suggestion to fix the state of the current legal marketplace: Quit hiring Harvard Law grads. The Atlantic.

D) If you’re into law school debt data, this chart-filled article is basically pornography. Am Law Daily.

E) Even Sir Mix-a-Lot wouldn’t be cool with a cement butt. Yes, a cement butt. Social Hype.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.21.11

A) The October LSAT had the fewest number of test-takers for that month in a decade. Balkinization.

B) Here’s an interesting piece on the whole “law schools aren’t preparing students” debate. And it’s only 5,000 words! New York Times.

C) Not so fast, New York Times. The University of Wisconsin Law School has an idea to prepare its students. Badger Herald.

D) Pump the brakes when it comes to attending law school, say these folks. AOL Jobs.

E) Take three minutes out of your day and watch to the 1990s teach you about the world of law. Everything Is Terrible.

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Logical Reasonings / 11.18.11

A) How’s this sound: If you quit after your first year, your law school will pay you. Not bad, huh? Slate.

B) Attention, LSAT takers at the University of San Diego: The December 2011 LSAT has been cancelled at your location. USD Vista.

C) The University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law is suing a poultry company, and the state’s governor is none too pleased. National Law Journal.

D) Not to depress you, but law school can be depressing. Wall Street Journal.

E) God praying. ‘Nuff said. The Onion.