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How the LSAT is Like Your Mom

If you’re in the midst of studying for the June LSAT, you may not have realized that Mother’s Day is on Sunday. So, first off, you’re welcome for the reminder and shame on you for forgetting—go buy your mom some flowers and think about all the trouble you’ve caused her!

While you’re doing that, you can think about this: your mom and the LSAT actually have a lot in common. Now, for those of you who are not really enjoying the process of studying for the LSAT, you may not welcome the comparison, and you have my apologies. Nevertheless, the parallels between one’s mother and the LSAT are definitely there.

Both Ask You a Lot of Question
I make sure to call my mom at least one a week. In the course of those chats, I almost never have to carry the conversation because my mother always has a lot of things to ask me.