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Your Summer Viewing List

Blessed be the neurotic, for they shall surely miss out on summer while they’re indoors studying, and come October will be all the better prepared for it. 

However, if you aren’t one of these nerds gifted with innate assiduity, then you may be spending a decent portion of your summer months blah-ing in front of the TV. Might as well feel like you’re learning something, right? For your peace of mind, we here at Blueprint have compiled a list of law-related summer movies and shows, just for you.

Look to your left… now look to your right… because one of you is going to have to get up and order a pizza. That’s right, no law-oriented binge-watching list could begin with anything other than that quintessential 1L film, The Paper Chase.

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Summer Movie Pre-Law Preview

Hey, summer is almost here! For those of you signed up for the June LSAT, you’re already painfully aware of this. The summer brings LSAT pains, but it also brings blockbusters. To make you feel less guilty about taking time out of your busy LSAT schedule to catch a movie or two (or seven), I’m going to tell you how seeing these movies will help prep you for law school and the LSAT.

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Hollywood, in its latest low-risk grab for your money gives us yet another comic book movie. Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters May 1st. Two sequels are already planned. If you’re gonna throw your money at this tired movie genre, at least let it be a reminder that like Hollywood, LSAC is lazy. Look at the Logic Games section.

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How Slasher Movies Can Help You Kill the LSAT

It’s Halloween and while nothing could be spookier than the LSAT, horror movies will always retain a special place in our hearts. It’s probably a good idea to take break from your studying and sit down with some popcorn and Saw 8: Measure Twice, Cut Once or Final Destination 34: Just How Final Can We Get? But while you’re watching, keep an eye out for these horror movie tropes that could teach you a little something about the LSAT…

1. Not Quite Dead
You’ve finally vanquished the monster. The killer is dead! The question is answered correctly! So that means you can turn around, high-five your friends and have an extended and leisurely conversation about what a close call that was, right? Not so fast!