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Withdrawing from the LSAT: Nerves or Warning Signs?

Two days before I took the LSAT, I scored lower on a practice exam than I had in months. I was so mortified, I started thinking about postponing until the next test. I imagine that some of you may be facing a similar dilemma.

There’s a clear difference between common nerves and legitimate reasons to withdraw from this Monday’s exam. This post is meant to help you figure out if it is in your best interest to go forward with the June LSAT, or whether you would be better served by postponing. I am going to lay out a few clear warning signs that would warrant taking the test at a later date.

Warning Sign #1: Consistently Scoring Below Your Target

At this point, you probably have a pretty clear idea of the LSAT score you hope to achieve.

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Keep Calm and Study On

There are three weeks left until the LSAT. What’s the best plan of action?

A) Spend all your time studying, with breaks to go to the bathroom (two minutes max), sleep (two hours max), take showers (two a week max), and answer the door for the smoothie delivery guy (no solids—remember the bathroom rule).
B) Do practice tests, wonder why you’re not making as much progress as you should be, wail about how the world will be over to anyone who will listen, and pull a Chicken Little and send a series of tweets to LSAC demanding the LSAT be canceled, because there won’t be any test centers around anyway. #theendisnigh
C) Party, go to the beach, Netflix all day and night. You’ve already learned all you’re going to learn anyway. What will come will come. Who are you to fight fate?