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Making A Lawyer-er

When you’re studying for the LSAT, you have to maintain a good work-work balance. Like, don’t spend all your time studying for the Reading Comprehension section. Also study for Logic Games. Don’t spend all your time doing practice tests. Also spend time perseverating about your time management. Balance.

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Blueprint: The Movie 2.0 is now Netflix-ier than ever!

Starting today, Blueprint’s fun and flexible online LSAT course, AKA Blueprint: The Movie 2.0, is available as a monthly subscription service. Think Netflix with vastly increased earning potential!

For $179 per month, plus a onetime $200 materials fee that covers the cost of books, shipping, and question licensing, students can use all the powerful tools of our best-in-the-nation online course for exactly the amount of time they need to score big on test day.

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Logical Reasonings / 1.8.16

A. We’ll just let the headline speak for itself: Man claiming to be Jesus planned to kidnap one of the Obamas’ dogs. CNN
B. Aaaaaaand, doubling down on the weirdness, scientists have outfitted praying mantises with 3D glasses. We really hope that no taxpayer funds were harmed in the making of this nonsense. c|net
C. Want to know what law schools accept the most transfers and which ones lose the most transfers? Click –> Above the Law
D. Netflix catalogues its offerings under thousands of “genre codes.” This will either make choosing what to watch much easier or much harder. We have no idea which. AV Club
E. Here’s every Spielberg film ranked. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is exactly where it ought to be. What about the rest of the list? Vulture