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Logical Reasonings / 1.14.13

A) Good news, New York LSAT prep students. You may only have to go to law school for two years. National Law Journal.

B) The writer of Prozac Nation regrets going to law school. If only there were some sort of medication she could take to feel better… Business Insider.

C) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas speaks! Washington Post.

D) Climate change is real. Climate change is real. Climate change is real. Guardian.

E) It’s so cold in Los Angeles that it’s starting to affect soccer practice. What is going on?! YouTube.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.19.12

A) You already know about law school admissions. What about law school hiring? Huffington Post.

B) Looks like you’ll soon be doing some pro-bono work, New York LSAT prep students. Reuters.

C) The Justice Department has figured out who was responsible for that whole Fast and Furious debacle. CNN.

D) At this point, if Lindsay Lohan hasn’t hit you with her car, you’re in the minority. Time.

E) Wondering if modern art has gotten less weird in the last five years? Nope. Art Info.

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New York LSAT Prep Students Should Check Out May Day

Guys, it’s a beautiful day in Gotham – it’s May Day! Why should you New York LSAT students care about a pagan holiday celebrating the arrival of spring and the goddess of flowers? Well, maybe you shouldn’t. But today is also Law Day! It’s the day we’re supposed to stop and think about how important the law is. And should you New York LSAT students care about that? Nah, you’re only going to be becoming lawyers. But today is also Loyalty Day, when you’re supposed to think about how you’re loyal to the United States. And should you… ah, never mind. The point is that there’s a ton of holidays happening today. You can pick your own flavor, but the observance probably most associated with May Day, at least for young educated pre-law types, is International Workers’ Day.

Well, that’s certainly something for you New York LSAT students to take part in, right?