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New York LSAT Prep Students Should Check Out May Day

Guys, it’s a beautiful day in Gotham – it’s May Day! Why should you New York LSAT students care about a pagan holiday celebrating the arrival of spring and the goddess of flowers? Well, maybe you shouldn’t. But today is also Law Day! It’s the day we’re supposed to stop and think about how important the law is. And should you New York LSAT students care about that? Nah, you’re only going to be becoming lawyers. But today is also Loyalty Day, when you’re supposed to think about how you’re loyal to the United States. And should you… ah, never mind. The point is that there’s a ton of holidays happening today. You can pick your own flavor, but the observance probably most associated with May Day, at least for young educated pre-law types, is International Workers’ Day.

Well, that’s certainly something for you New York LSAT students to take part in, right?

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Six Things to Do After Taking the New York LSAT

There are some moments in your life that you’ll never forget. That first kiss. When she said, “Yes!” Flying over the Vegas Strip for the first time.

Then, there are some moments in your life that you’ll never remember. The one most relevant to all of you is immediately after taking your LSAT, New York students. The rush of adrenaline, the crushing weight of your future – all of these will lead you to go out and forget your troubles, Cheers-style.

Instead, here is a list of some post-LSAT New York activities that you will want to remember. Though you can (and should) still have a few drinks.

Post-New York LSAT Activity I: Shower

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Blueprint LSAT Prep is Coming to a City Near You

Depending on what city you’re in. Yes, the time has come that we shuffled off the cocoon of California and New York and spread our wings as a beautiful, LSAT-teaching butterfly. Beginning this coming spring, Blueprint will be opening up live classes in five new locations: Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., Austin, and Phoenix. Of course, we won’t neglect our California or New York locations, but the time has come to bring the gospel of Blueprint to the entire country.

What this means for you: if you’re located in any of these cities, or anywhere near any of these cities, you have another live option for your LSAT education. We have our spring schedules up on the Blueprint site, and students are welcome to sign up now to ensure they get a spot in the classes.