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Logical Reasonings / 1.8.16

A. We’ll just let the headline speak for itself: Man claiming to be Jesus planned to kidnap one of the Obamas’ dogs. CNN
B. Aaaaaaand, doubling down on the weirdness, scientists have outfitted praying mantises with 3D glasses. We really hope that no taxpayer funds were harmed in the making of this nonsense. c|net
C. Want to know what law schools accept the most transfers and which ones lose the most transfers? Click –> Above the Law
D. Netflix catalogues its offerings under thousands of “genre codes.” This will either make choosing what to watch much easier or much harder. We have no idea which. AV Club
E. Here’s every Spielberg film ranked. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is exactly where it ought to be. What about the rest of the list? Vulture

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Immigration Law and You

Continuing our weekly series on lesser-known areas of the law, I’ll be dedicating this post to immigration law. I’ve been peripherally familiar with immigration law for quite some time. When I was in high school, I participated in team policy debate (yes, I was a nerd even back then). Not to brag or anything, but I’m a national champion (in a homeschool debate league, see above regarding nerdiness), and the topic during my winning year was reforming our immigration policy.

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Obama’s 2-Year Law School Proposal May Not Be Necessary

Lately, much has been made about the high cost of legal education. Many law school graduates are being greeted with a difficult job market and a mountain of student loan debt. One proposed solution to the issue of cost has been the elimination of a year of law school. The rationale is twofold. Firstly, most law students would likely tell you that they did as little as possible during their 3L years. Secondly, by lopping off a third of law school, you would also lop off a year’s worth of tuition.

Well now President Obama has gotten in on the action, suggesting that law schools look into the elimination of the 3L year. The reactions have been mixed. As far as the potential efficacy of this approach to cost reduction, I can speak only to my own experience as a law student.

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Ask Not What the LSAT Can Do For You

On July 4, 1776, the Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. Tomorrow, you’ll barbecue and watch fireworks to commemorate the anniversary of this event. While those of you studying for the LSAT can certainly take a break for the holiday, here are some ways that LSAT test -akers can show patriotism in their LSAT studies.

1) Apply your newfound knowledge of flawed logic to coverage of the presidential campaign.

We’re in an election year, which means nonstop media coverage of the campaign battle between President Obama and Mitt Romney. Trust me, logical fallacies will abound.