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Breaking Down Law School Early Decision and Early Action

For all you early birds, there’s still time to apply for law school early admissions. That is, of course, if the schools to which you’re applying accept early applications. If you intended to use your October LSAT score, you should have already checked to see if this was a possibility. And if you haven’t investigated but are interested, you’re in luck.

The first step you need to take is to check out this spreadsheet courtesy of US News & World Report, which lists its top 100 law schools and whether or not the schools accept early decision or early action, their deadline for early applications, an estimated decision date and extra notes. Obviously, you’ll want to double check if the information is current once a school catches your eye.

Now the question is, what the hell does all that mean?

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Oh, the Humanity!: Comparing Dostoevsky to the LSAT

The October 2011 LSAT introduced many of you to the works of Fyodor Dostoevsky, which is the first worthwhile thing it’s done for most of you (I kid). Dostoevsky is only matched by Vonnegut in my literary heart. His novels, especially The Brothers Karamazov, manage to include so many universal themes that they speak to humanity itself, and no less. I’m trying to sound like a grandiose, self-important literary critic here; is it working?

Anyway, The Brothers K is my favorite novel, but it’s one hell of a depressing story. Which, you know, makes it a little like the LSAT. List time!

1) Crazy names

Mitya. Vanya. Alexeichik. Vanechka. Ivan. Mitri. Mitenka. Alyosha. Dmitri. Would you believe those are only three people?


Taking a Closer Look at the October 2011 LSAT

We offered a brief recap of the facts Monday, so now it’s time for a little analysis.

Three things jump out at me from the comments around the web and from students:

1. The experimental was all over the place, including an unheard-of fourth section experimental
2. The curve was significantly more lenient than usual
3. The curve was significantly more lenient than expected

So let’s take a look at each one and see what it means for future test-takers:

1. The experimental was all over the place, including an unheard-of fourth section experimental

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October 2011 LSAT Scores Released

Like a black leopard in Ohio, the October 2011 LSAT scores are on the loose.

They made you wait over the weekend, but around 2:00 p.m. PST Monday, the LSAC released the first batch of October LSAT scores — sticking to their trend of releasing scores two days ahead of schedule.

Here’s hoping it was worth the wait.

With the release of scores comes the unveiling of the curve. While initial reactions of the LSAT way back around October 1 indicated that it was a pretty standard LSAT, a very lenient curve seems to tell a different story.

For the October 2011 LSAT, test-takers could have missed 13 questions and still scored a 170.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.24.11

A) In honor of LSAT scores being released today, let’s look around the web to see what people are saying about the big day. First up, someone who was thrilled with their score. Tumblr.

B) Here’s someone who can’t even look. Tumblr.

C) Then there’s the jokester. Tumblr.

D) Here’s a great forum to check out when you’re not participating in Most Strongly Supported’s comments section. Top Law Schools.

E) Finally, to get your mind completely off the LSAT, here’s a man covered in peanut butter. BuzzFeed.

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What to Expect as You Await Your LSAT Score

If you took the October LSAT, you’re probably wondering where your LSAT score is. Your LSAT score is not scheduled to come out until Wednesday, but they usually arrive multiple days early. So people are getting anxious. You could be getting your LSAT score at any time! Like right now! Go check your email!

No, but seriously, try not to freak out about it. Worrying won’t make your LSAT score come out sooner or be any higher. However, you can start planning for one of three results:

1. Your LSAT score is exactly what you expected. Great. No surprises, it all paid off. Now get started on your applications. Really, now! Send them out as soon as possible, and you’re on your way to enjoy law school!

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Be on the Lookout for October 2011 LSAT Scores

Not to alarm you, but your October 2011 LSAT score might arrive in your inbox today.

I know, I know. Holy crap. All that waiting and waiting and woah, it’s here already? It seems like just yesterday you were celebrating the completion of the exam. Now you’re biting your nails and refreshing your email every five seconds screaming, “Where is it, you bastards?! Where is it?!”

The LSAC is notorious for sending scores out early — with a tendency to release them on Friday. TGIF, right? There’s no way to know what part of the day they will send them, so keep your eyes peeled.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we have any inclination of an October 2011 LSAT score curve.

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Three Brews to Try While Waiting for Your LSAT Score

You’ve managed to forego the urge to cancel your LSAT score. And now…you wait.

Caught in some sort of evil LSAT score limbo, you’re left with little to do but work on law school applications and twiddle your collective thumbs. It occurs to me that you could use something to do. And we wouldn’t want you to go and do something productive now would we? Absolutely not! And thus, here comes a list of fine craft beers that you can drink to pass the time while waiting for your LSAT score.

1. The Bruery Autumn Maple

If you’re somewhere besides California (and maybe even if you are), the weather’s starting to cool down, foliage is changing color and Christmas decorations are popping up way too early at your local Party Palace.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.11.11

A) Regarding the controversy over the LSAC rejecting a nursing mother’s request for extra time to complete the LSAT, here’s how October 1 went for her. ACLU.

B) In a related story, this Chicago woman went into labor during her bar exam. And passed! Daily Herald.

C) You don’t usually think of subway ads as commonplace for law school advertisements. Then again, as Don Draper would say: “You have to think outside the box. And sleep with a ton of women along the way.” Above the Law.

D) Not very long ago, in a galaxy very, very close… (This one) Miami Herald.

E) Scientists claim to possess “irrefutable evidence” that Bigfoot exists. He’s going to be pissed when he sees how we’ve portrayed him in our beef jerky commercials. Time.

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October 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival

So far on Most Strongly Supported, we’ve recapped the October 2011 LSAT, taken a look back at it the morning after, and discussed your options as far as cancelling your score or what to do next if you plan to keep your score. Well I hope you have your ticket voucher because up next is the October 2011 LSAT Blog Carnival.

This past weekend’s LSAT was a doozy for some students. There were the standard logic games and reading comprehension issues, of course, but there was also a large number of students who were thrown off by an experimental section in an unexpected spot. Other than that, it appears as though the exam was average in difficulty.

But don’t take our word for it. Let’s take a look around the blogosphere to see what students are saying about the October 2011 LSAT.