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October LSAT Prep Should Be Shifting Into High Gear

The October LSAT is coming up in 19 days. It’s time to talk about speed: you should have covered more or less everything the LSAT might throw at you by now, so now it’s your job to figure out how to do it faster.

One of the first keys to picking up the pace is knowing what you’re doing. If you’re still hazy on identifying LSAT Logical Reasoning questions, or on how to approach some of them, now’s the time to work that out. If you’re not sure how to symbolize some common rules on LSAT Logic Games, get that squared away STAT. Being unsure how to approach things wastes a lot of time. And being confident in what to do, step by step, makes things go by much faster.

Time yourself as you practice, and pick up the pace gradually. Try to work more efficiently, not just faster.

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Logical Reasonings / 9.9.13

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