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Summer LSAT Courses Starting Soon!

Are the dog days of summer upon us yet? Well, let’s see… temperatures are rising, we’re smackdab in the middle of baseball season, June Gloom is inescapable here in L.A., and we’re getting superhero movie thinkpieces.

Yup, must be summer.

At Blueprint, that means we’re saying sayonara to another round of June LSAT students and turning our focus to summer classes. That’s right, our students get to bid farewell to the LSAT and we get to start thinking about another one. Jealous?

Summer is actually our favorite time at Blueprint HQ.

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Tips to Improve Your LSAT Study Habits (and LSAT Score)

LSAT prep season is getting in full swing. This winter, per usual, was a quiet time in the pre-law world; few people sit for the February LSAT, and there’s a lull of activity in the early months of the year. But after a busier spring of June LSAT prep, even more people are gearing up for the October. So what should you do if you’re planning on taking the test in a few months? Well, this may sound obvious, but you should study. You should study frequently, you should study well, you should study regularly. You should study.

LSAT Study Tip I: Do the work

For those of you taking an LSAT prep course, whether online or in-person, it’s not enough to just do the lessons.

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Matt Shinners’s 2013 December LSAT Predictions

I’m just now recovering from my turkey-induced coma (and Wild Turkey-induced hangover), and that can only mean one thing: It’s time to make some 2013 December LSAT predictions!

Let’s peek inside the closet to see what crazy presents the LSAT is hiding for this holiday season.

2013 December LSAT Prediction I: Logic Games

The October 2013 LSAT featured a killer game (movie theater scheduling) and three standard games. This seems to be an emerging trend for the LSAT – moderately difficult games, with a really hard one thrown in.

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Why LSAT Test-Takers Should Be Inspired By the 9-0 Chiefs

At 9-0, my Kansas City Chiefs are the only team in the NFL this season that is still undefeated. And I fully expect them to escape this weekend without another loss (it is their bye week, after all).

As a Chiefs fan, I can assure you that nobody in the world predicted this team would go 9-0 and get off to their best start in 10 years. Despite fielding more Pro Bowlers than any other team in the league last season, Kansas City won two games and ended up with the first pick in the NFL Draft — which they spent on an offensive lineman. Then, owner Clark Hunt cleaned house and hired a new coaching staff and general manager, not to mention signed former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Alex Smith. The changes were immediate, but everyone figured the Chiefs would need a few seasons to get on the same page.

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October LSAT Test-Takers Down 11%: What Does it all Mean?

We here at Blueprint LSAT Prep are shocked (SHOCKED!) to find that, yet again, the number of LSAT test-takers is down. Way down: 11% since last year, and 45% since the high of 2009. According to Law.com (and this handy chart provided by LSAC), this makes it 13 straight administrations with a decline in LSAT test-takers.

To put some numbers on it (and not just percents), 60,746 people took the 2009 October LSAT. That’s more than twice as many students as there were legal positions available (2.28 times as many, to be exact). This year, that number is down to 33,673 – or only 1.4 times as many LSAT test-takers as available legal positions! We call that progress, readers.

But what does it mean?

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Logical Reasonings / 10.31.13

A) LSAC hasn’t released the number of October LSAT test-takers, but someone got their hands on the figure. Wall Street Journal.

B) Social life shouldn’t be the determining factor in your law school choice. But if it is, you should totally go to Florida. Above the Law.

C) Washington University’s law school, on the other hand, just banned alcohol. Above the Law.

D) The belief that judges are the smartest people in the world? Overruled. New York Times.

E) This Halloween, remember: Some people scare very easily. So if you take them to a haunted house, make sure you film it. Ellen.

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Tales From the LSAT Crypt II: Dreaded Experimental Sections

Halloween is finally here, which means you can enliven your LSAT studies by wearing your costume to the library while you’re studying tonight. Since you’ve got the LSAT on the brain, perhaps you’ll dress as a mauve dinosaur or Thurgood Marshall (although, in light of recent news regarding celebrities’ ill-advised Halloween costumes, this might be a good moment for a little reminder).

However, if you want to dress up as something that will really strike fear into the heart of anyone else studying for the LSAT, allow me to suggest dressing as another common LSAT bogeyman (other than LSAT Logic Games): the dreaded experimental section (dun dun dun!).*

Tales from the LSAT Crypt II: The order and type of the experimental section

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Unwrapping the Tricks and Treats of the 2013 October LSAT

The 2013 October LSAT was another one for the ages, dear readers.

Yesterday, LSAC released October LSAT scores, not mention the test itself. So now we can check our LSAT blog predictions and our 2013 October LSAT Instant Recap to see how well they captured the feel of the test.

First off, the 2013 October LSAT curve:

170 = -12
160 = -27
152 = -41

A pretty standard LSAT curve for a pretty standard LSAT.

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LSAC Releasing 2013 October LSAT Scores Today

*UPDATE: There were 101 questions on the 2013 October LSAT. The LSAT curve was -12 for a 170, -19 for a 165, -28 for a 160, and -46 for a 150. See below for a screenshot of the 2013 October LSAT score conversion chart.

It always starts with the gray icons.

As we know, LSAC tends to release LSAT scores a day or two earlier than estimated. Well, LSAC estimated 2013 October LSAT scores would be out on Oct. 30, and today is Oct. 28. Sho nuff, reports are in that icons on the LSAC website have turned gray — meaning that LSAC is gearing up to release LSAT scores throughout the day.

We’ll keep you posted with more info (such as the LSAT curve), so stay tuned.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.28.13

A) Today, a lot of people got their October LSAT scores. If it wasn’t as high as you were hoping, here are your next options. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) If law school isn’t in the cards, you can always live a life of crime and then become a lawyer and get your own show on NBC. ABA Journal.

C) A federal judge has ruled that Texas’ new abortion limits are unconstitutional. USA Today.

D) Meanwhile, there’s a new development in the Aaron Hernandez case — and it involves another NFL player. CNN.

E) If the release of October LSAT scores wasn’t enough to signal fall’s arrival, this video of dogs playing in piles of leaves definitely is. Huffington Post.