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Savor the Final Weekend Before October LSAT Scores Are Out

Heads up, folks: 2013 October LSAT scores are officially scheduled to come out this Wednesday. But they are likely to come out as early as Monday, since the LSAC likes to release LSAT scores a few days before their deadline.

This will be your last weekend of ignorant bliss or nervous anticipation. You will probably have a few LSAT-themed nightmares, and you might not be so pleasant to be around.
So, if you’re looking to save your sanity or your personal relationships, it might be a good idea to spend this weekend doing something productive, like working on your law school personal statement.

If you need some help getting started on your personal statement then, Anna Ivey, former dean of admissions at the University of Chicago Law School, has some great advice for you on how to approach law school personal statement questions.

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When and Where to Expect Your 2013 October LSAT Score

So you took the October LSAT. It’s too late to cancel your LSAT score now, so you have one out there somewhere, floating in the ether. All that remains is for you to find out what, exactly, that LSAT score is.

LSAC estimates that October LSAT scores will be released on October 30. That’s in precisely two weeks. But LSAC has a long-established track record of releasing LSAT scores earlier than the official release date. LSAT scores are nearly always released at least a day or two early, and sometimes even earlier than that.

The one notable exception to this trend was last October’s LSAT scores — which came out a day after LSAC’s published release date. There were extenuating circumstances, though, as Hurricane Sandy was wreaking havoc on the eastern seaboard at the time, interfering with LSAC’s Philadelphia-area operations.

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Changing Seasons: December LSAT Prep is Underway

The October LSAT has just barely come and gone. Today is the deadline to cancel your LSAT score, and those who choose to keep their October LSAT scores won’t see them released for another few weeks.

But don’t let that hide that the December LSAT is fast approaching; if you’re not too happy with how the October LSAT went, or if you decided at the last minute not to take the October LSAT, you get a chance for a do-over in less than two months.

That’s right: two months.

There’s little time to dawdle if you’re thinking of taking the December LSAT. If you took the October LSAT, give yourself a little break. Take a week to get the LSAT off your mind.

Then, get back to studying.

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2013 October LSAT Score Cancellation Deadline is Tomorrow

Let’s cut directly to the chase. If you want to cancel your 2013 October LSAT score, then LSAC needs to receive notice by tomorrow. Did that make a certain part of your body pucker? Don’t worry, that’s appropriate.

Before we discuss whether or not you ought to cancel your October LSAT score, let’s tell you how to do so.

There are three means by which to contact the LSAT overlords: 1) send a signed fax, 2) overnight a letter or 3) send LSAC’s printable LSAT score cancellation form by expedited mail. Make sure you actually request an LSAT score cancellation, include your name and LSAC account number and a signature. After that, you need only bite your nails in agony whilst you await confirmation from on high that your request was received.

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What to Do Now That the October LSAT is Out of the Way

It’s time for everyone to take a collective sigh of relieve: The October LSAT is over. By most reports, it wasn’t particularly easy (though it was also pretty standard), so congrats on not passing out in the middle of it and cancelling your LSAT score (yes, there were reports of that happening).

For those of you prepping on the East Coast, you’ll be surprised to go outside and see the leaves changing colors. Yes, summer ended while you were buried under conditional statements, and fall is under way.

For those of you prepping on the West Coast, you’ll be completely unsurprised to go outside and see that it’s still perpetual summer. Enjoy your November tans while the rest of us start packing on that winter weight.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.9.13

A) Wonder how this relationship is working out now that the October LSAT is over. Yahoo! Answers.

B) Spread your wings and fly in law school, you social butterflies. Virginia Law Weekly.

C) Choose your major wisely, or it might end up on this list. Monster.

D) That 9-year-old boy who snuck on a flight to Vegas might very well be Dennis the Menace. ABA Journal.

E) Our toys have come a long way since the 1800s. Also, your Tamagotchi is dead. Wired.

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The Morning Cometh: Reaction to the 2013 October LSAT

The Monday after an LSAT can often feel like the day after a bad breakup. So, I’m gonna do for you what I do for all my friends during their dark times. Ladies, I want you to take a dose of Shania Twain. Fellas, I’m prescribing you some Salt ‘N Pepa. And, for the sake of avoiding Exclusivity Flaws, everyone else should enjoy some Gloria Gaynor.

2013 October LSAT Morning Cometh: Difficulty

I’ve surveyed the Internet’s most reliable October LSAT rumor mills (including our LSAT blog’s very own 2013 October LSAT Instant Recap) and it seems like the October LSAT was pretty straightforward. Sure, there seems to have been a difficult Logic Game, but there’s always at least one.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.7.13

A) In case you forgot why you took the October LSAT, this explains it. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) And if you can’t remember why you wanted to go to law school in the first place, here’s some clarity. Business Insider.

C) Seton Hall University School of Law didn’t lay off half of its faculty, after all. Above the Law.

D) The Supreme Court started its latest term today. On the to-do list: everything. New York Times.

E) No, October LSAT scores are not out yet. Weebly.

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2013 October LSAT Instant Recap

That wasn’t so bad, now, was it?

If you’re here, that means you must have just taken the 2013 October LSAT. Congratulations! You can now say you tackled one of the toughest tests mankind has ever created (aside the final challenge to become a member of the League of Shadows, of course).

But if the LSAT test day was a bane of your existence, have no fear. You’re not alone. Here’s what others have reported to us so far about their experience with the October LSAT:

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Good Luck on the October LSAT Tomorrow!

It’s showtime, folks.

We here at Blueprint LSAT Prep just wanted to wish all of our students taking the October LSAT tomorrow the best of luck. We’ve taught you everything we know, and now the rest is up to you. We know you’ll crush it. You know you’ll crush it. Everyone knows you’ll crush it.

Get a good night’s rest, and approach October LSAT test day like you would any ol’ LSAT practice test. Don’t forget all your October LSAT test day materials (especially a snack). Make us proud, future lawyers!

Oh, and make sure you come back to the LSAT blog tomorrow for our 2013 October LSAT Instant Recap — where everyone who took the exam will be talking about their experience.