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Book Review: Busy Applicant’s Guide to Get into Law School

Another book review? You bet your ass another book review.

This time we’ve got Busy Applicant’s Guide to Get into Law School: Everything You Need in a Pocket-Sized Resource, which is available now for Kindle on Amazon. The book checks in at 133 pages and was written by former LSAT instructor Stephen Ilg and former Yale law career counselor Levi Weikel-Magden. It’s a breezy but informative read that, for anyone interested in a JD, would be an adequate next step in research after a few hours on Google.

Moreover, Get Into Law School would be an ideal read for a student who just completed his or her first year of college and was considering law school.

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Three Brews to Try While Waiting for Your LSAT Score

You’ve managed to forego the urge to cancel your LSAT score. And now…you wait.

Caught in some sort of evil LSAT score limbo, you’re left with little to do but work on law school applications and twiddle your collective thumbs. It occurs to me that you could use something to do. And we wouldn’t want you to go and do something productive now would we? Absolutely not! And thus, here comes a list of fine craft beers that you can drink to pass the time while waiting for your LSAT score.

1. The Bruery Autumn Maple

If you’re somewhere besides California (and maybe even if you are), the weather’s starting to cool down, foliage is changing color and Christmas decorations are popping up way too early at your local Party Palace.