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Most Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Start Next Weekend

As the first quarter of 2014 winds down, it’s time to shift focus to the highlight of the second quarter: the June LSAT.

While adjusting your sights, why not take a look at some of the upcoming Blueprint LSAT Prep courses that are starting soon (mostly next weekend). Here’s a list, along with the instructor and start date — and a link to find out more about each LSAT course:

Spring 2014 New York 1 LSAT prep course — Christian Benante — March 30

Spring 2014 Atlanta LSAT prep course — Jennifer Chae — March 30

Spring 2014 Austin LSAT prep course — Jessica Jackelen — March 30

Spring 2014 Phoenix LSAT prep course — Dylan Gadek — April 5

Spring 2014 Irvine LSAT prep course — Jay Donnell — April 5

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New Caption Contest, Plus Our Instagram T-Shirt Winners

Step right up! Step right up! Put your skills to the test for your chance to win fabulous prizes!

(And don’t worry. Unlike most carnival games, Blueprint’s aren’t rigged.)

It’s time for another LSAT blog caption contest. Take a look at the image below and write a funny LSAT or law school-related caption in the comments. Check out some of our past caption contest winners to get a feel of what we’re looking for.

This one’s definitely worth entering, too, because we’re giving the first-place winner a $300 discount off one of Blueprint’s spring 2014 live LSAT prep classes or $100 off our spring 2014 online LSAT prep course. We’ll announce the winner next week right here on the LSAT blog.

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Caption Contest: $200 Off Our Fall Online LSAT Prep Course

New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert! New contest ending alert!

Time is running out to register for Blueprint LSAT Prep’s fall online LSAT prep course for the 2013 December LSAT. That’s why we’re giving away a $200 discount towards our fall online LSAT prep course to whoever submits the best caption for the above photo. Make it funny, but not offensive, and try to connect it in some way to law school or the LSAT or anything pre-law. To see what we’re going for, here’s a recent example of a caption contest winner on the LSAT blog.

But hurry. We’ll pick our favorite tomorrow and announce the winner right here on the LSAT blog.

Please note: this contest is for new Blueprint LSAT Prep online LSAT prep course students only.

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Premiering Soon: Blueprint LSAT Prep Movie Quotes Contest



Billions of READERS scour the latest LSAT blog post. It’s about Blueprint LSAT Prep’s upcoming movie quotes contest.


Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Facebook page.

Over the next couple weeks, at random times, Blueprint LSAT Prep will post a movie quote on its Facebook page. The first person to correctly comment with the name of the movie from which the quote derives will win either a $50 discount off Blueprint’s online LSAT prep course or $100 off Blueprint’s live LSAT class — winner’s choice.

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Caption Contest II: Win $100 Off Our Online LSAT Prep Course

Take a good look at the photo above. It could earn you a $100 discount off Blueprint LSAT Prep’s online course.

After the success of the LSAT blog’s first caption contest, we’re doin’ it again. Comment on this post with a caption for the photo, and the funniest one that has something to do with the LSAT or law school (to be picked by Blueprint LSAT Prep principals) will win the $100 discount. The discount must be applied to a summer online LSAT prep course. If you already paid for a Blueprint LSAT Prep online course for the summer or you’d prefer a different prize, you may choose a Starbucks giftcard as an alternative.

Winners will be announced next Monday, May 6, right here on the LSAT blog.

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Caption Contest: Win $100 Off Our Online LSAT Prep Course

Internet comments are almost never associated with good. No matter what the post — be it a blog article, YouTube video, or passive-agressive Facebook status — there will always be some wiseass who uses the comments section to spew the most short-sighted, hateful garbage you’ve ever read. Quite frankly, we’re sick of it.

That’s why we decided to bring the funny back to internet comments. Use the comments section of this LSAT blog post to submit a funny caption for the above photo.

The author of the best caption (to be decided by Blueprint LSAT Prep principals) will score a $100 discount off a spring Blueprint LSAT Prep online course for preparing for the June LSAT. The contest ends Tuesday (April 16), and the winner will be announced Wednesday (April 17).

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7 Days Left to Win a Free Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games

No one reads beyond the first paragraph of online content anymore, so right off the bat, here are the rules you must follow to be entered to win a free copy of Blueprint LSAT Prep’s brand new LSAT book, The Blueprint for LSAT Logic Games:

1. Live in the United States

2. “Like” Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Facebook page

3. “+1” Blueprint LSAT Prep’s Google+ page

4. Email the links to your Facebook and Google+ profile to hank.layton@blueprintprep.com (make sure the +1s tab on your Google+ profile is set to “show this tab on your profile”)

Now that you’ve stopped reading, here are the details…

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Spring 2013 Blueprint LSAT Prep Classes Starting Very Soon

If you follow college basketball, you know that March Madness is almost upon us.

If you follow the LSAT prep world, you know it is already here.

There are just a few weeks left to sign up for a spring 2013 Blueprint LSAT Prep course, so if you plan on taking the June LSAT and want the most effective and most entertaining instruction available, sign up for an LSAT course now. After our Berkeley LSAT prep class kicks things off tomorrow, here’s when the rest of the spring 2013 Blueprint LSAT Prep courses begin — as well as the instructor teaching the course:

Blueprint LSAT Prep Courses Starting March 24: