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The Lowdown on LRAP: Magical Law School Debt Reliever?

Loan repayment assistance programs (LRAPs) are magic wands that make debt disappear for students who are good-hearted enough to enter public service. Sure, you’re earning a quarter of what your classmates are making, but you’re making the world a better place, and karma repays you for that. With your loan repayment, you get a unicorn to ride to work and a lifetime’s supply of free candy canes. Oh, and you officially get to celebrate your half-birthday, which means more presents!

There are many students who enter law school every year with dreams of entering public service after they graduate. The salaries aren’t nearly as high as those in the private sector; your loans, however, will be. So how do most students expect to cover the gap?

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Survey II: Pre-Law Students Ready to Foot the Law School Bill

As many of you know, Blueprint LSAT Prep recently surveyed a large number of potential law students about their views on legal education and expectations of their futures. We first wrote on the application process and how recent trends match up with student’s views.

This week, we’re going to look at how much it actually costs to go to law school, and what that means long-term during a legal career/life of a student loan.

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Logical Reasonings / 10.21.11

A) Northwestern University adjunct professor Steven J. Harper has some harsh words for the American Bar Association (and law students). Am Law Daily.

B) Did you use or plan to use Access Group to pay for law school loans? Well, they’re going out of the business. National Law Journal.

C) For our millions of high school readers, here’s one student’s story about a sweet summer program called Legal Outreach. Huffington Post.

D) Good news future lawyers: Once you get some experience, the job market ain’t so bleak. Wall Street Journal.

E) Rapper MC Hammer recently announced he is starting his own search engine. Apparently he was tired of getting the answer “Nothing” when typing “What’s MC Hammer doing these days?” into Ask Jeeves. Washington Post.