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Blueprint LSAT Instructor Get-to-Know: Philly, Chicago, Miami

When taking an LSAT prep course, it’s important that you like the instructor. At the very least, they should be interesting enough to keep your attention.

That’s why we launched this LSAT blog series that lets you get to know our summer LSAT prep course instructors a little better. We’ve already seen round one (New York LSAT prep) and two (Boston and Washington DC LSAT prep). Now it’s time to meet who will be teaching our Philadelphia, Chicago and Miami LSAT prep courses.

Blueprint’s Philadelphia LSAT Prep:


1) What’s playing on your iPod/Spotify/radio the most these days?

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Logical Reasonings / 9.10.12

A) It’s not as funny as how Late Night With Jimmy Fallon might approach them, but here are the pros and cons of applying early decision to law school. Law Admissions Lowdown.

B) This slideshow is for you, Philadelphia LSAT prep students: The tuition at each of your city’s local law schools. Biz Journals.

C) Be very, very quiet. Second-year law students are hunting summer jobs. Wall Street Journal.

D) This morning, the FBI arrested Trenton mayor Tony Mack. Tomorrow, they’ll probably start shooting a movie about it. NJ.com.

E) Still on a football high? The most embarrassing moments from Week 1 certainly won’t kill your buzz. BuzzFeed.


Blueprint LSAT Prep is expanding to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

This spring, Blueprint bring its LSAT love to Philadelphia, PA  home to the liberty bell, NFL teams that place second in the superbowl (it was a close game), and the world’s best sandwich, the cheesesteak.

The Blueprint Philadelphia LSAT class will be located in Houston Hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus, which makes it an easy commute for Upenn, Temple University, and Drexel students as well as denizens of the greater Philadelphia area.