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Mentally and Physically Preparing for the LSAT

The February LSAT is coming up. “I know, I know,” you say. You’re should be busy doing and reviewing practice questions, sections and tests. That’s all great, but let’s take a step back and look at the bigger picture. How do you get yourself mentally prepared to go into the LSAT test center and rock the LSAT? Here are a few issues to consider:

Test-Day Environment
LSAT test takers sometimes report that they’re distracted or thrown off by things that happen on test day: a proctor’s loud high heels, or a fellow test taker’s sniffles or pencil tapping. That’s often a consequence of taking practice tests in overly controlled environments. If you’re doing all your LSAT practice in a soundproofed room, with earplugs in, you’re setting yourself up for the little noises and annoyances of test day to mess with you.