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Fallacy Watch – GOP Debate #4

The Blueprint team has followed this year’s presidential debates, Republican and Democratic alike, with great interest and, more importantly, with a singular goal: tracking the reasoning flaws lurking within the candidates’ arguments. In an age of sound bites and endless, empty commentary on the so-called horserace, we believe it’s important to expose the reasoning or lack thereof displayed by those who aspire to be the next leader of the free world.

However, since we can’t help but be passive viewers of the spectacle, it’s up to the moderators to shape the raw material we work with. For the second time in a row last night, the moderators fell down on the job. In the CNBC debate last month, which left the candidates and the Republican Party in general crying foul, the moderators asked snide, substance-free questions (“Mr. Trump, is this a comic book version of a presidential campaign?”), allowing the candidates to turn the tables on the questioners in supremely predictable acts of debate jiu jitsu.