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Logical Reasonings / 1.14.16

A. Nooooooooooooo!!!!!! Come back to us, Alan Rickman!!! The Guardian
B. Alicia Vikander contemplated going to law school, but she got sensible and went with acting instead. KPCC
C. There were three different tickets with the winning Powerball combination. $1.5 billion is a lot of money, but split three ways? Lame. CBS News
D. Planned Parenthood is suing the group Center For Medical Progress and a fake fetal tissue procurement company in connection with hidden-camera videos released last year. Huffington Post
E. A Russian government official stole a road and sold it. You read that right. BBC News

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Logical Reasonings / 1.13.16

A. The Rams are coming (back) to Los Angeles! L.A. rejoices! St. Louis weeps! ESPN
B. Planning on winning $1.5 billion on Powerball? Here’s a rundown of Powerball facts and figures. (Don’t tell your boss to go #$%! himself or herself just yet.) ABC News
C. Here’s an essay from yet another expert who has serious qualms about the value and purpose of the US News & World Report law school rankings. Above the Law
D. For the first time ever, a Canadian law school has appointed an aboriginal woman as Dean. You go, Lakehead University Bora Laskin Faculty of Law! Toronto Globe & Mail
E. Would you like to see more than 25 cute animals sleeping, often in ridiculous places and/or positions? You are so very welcome. Bored Panda