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Practice Exam 1? Forget About It

April just started, which means that nearly every one of the Blueprint spring classroom courses, which prepare aspiring law students for the June LSAT, has begun. Which means, if you’re one of the many Blueprint students in these classes, you have just taken Practice Exam 1. Or, if you’re using Blueprint’s online course and you’re following the schedule we laid out for you, you’ve recently taken Practice Exam 1. Or — we’re an inclusive bunch — maybe you’re using a different study plan to prepare for the June LSAT, and you’re just here for a little extra advice. In that case, you should have recently taken a baseline diagnostic test before you began your studies in earnest. And hey, if you want to call that “Practice Exam 1” like all the cool Blueprint students, you do your thing.


From the Vault: Your Path to Becoming an LSAT Jedi Begins Practice Exam 1

Because many Blueprint classes started last weekend — which means that many Blueprint students just took Practice Exam 1 — we’re running an old post about what you should take away from that potentially demoralizing experience. If you just took that exam, and need a little pick me up, take this advice from former Blueprint instructor and Columbia Law alum Philip Mayer …