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No matter how it goes, PE2 will still go better than these people’s weeks

If you’re enrolled in a Blueprint course, or if you have a reasonable, scheduled study plan, you’re probably taking Practice Exam 2 very soon. Maybe this weekend.

It will be the first full exam you’ve taken since you were stumbled through Practice Exam 1 like a newborn fawn trying to find its footing. Back then you had just started your LSAT studying. You were an LSAT neophyte. You probably went in without many expectations. Maybe you didn’t even know what was going to be on the exam. “I don’t know … some stuff about the law I guess?” is perhaps what you thought. You may have even called it the El Ess Ay Tee like some slacked-jawed yokel.


Practice Exam 2: A “Choose your own adventure” story

You’ve been hard at work studying for the LSAT over the last couple months, and the moment of truth has arrived–it’s time to take your second practice test. You set aside some time on the weekend for a grueling five sections, consoled only by the thought of the shining “180” that is sure to light up the screen when you score the test. The moment of truth has arrived, and you check your answers, only to see–what’s this?? Can this be true? Your second practice test score is not, in fact, dozens of points higher, but within a point or two of your first test (or maybe even slightly lower)!!!

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What to Look for When Reviewing Reading Comp Passages

In my experience, LSAT students often neglect the Reading Comp section of the LSAT. I can’t fathom why—the passages are fascinating. Enthralling. You’ll get chills. But joking aside, the Reading Comp section has the most questions of any section on the LSAT, and therefore the biggest impact on your score. You can improve your Reading Comp score. It just takes practice. Since you probably took a practice test this past weekend, let’s talk about how to review and learn from a Reading Comp passage you’ve done.

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How to Pick Yourself Up from a Practice Exam

Most students in the Blueprint course have just taken Practice Exam 2. I’ve also seen a noticeable uptick in the number of emails from students panicked over the results of their practice exam results. I’m tempted to say that there’s a cause and effect relationship going on here, but as we continue to study to common fallacies on the LSAT, we need to be vigilant in recognizing when we improperly infer causation from mere correlation.

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What to Do with Practice Exam Number 2

When you’re taking an LSAT class, the second practice test you take can be a bit scary. You’ve been learning new things and practicing applying them to LSAT questions, but now all of a sudden there’s a test. With a time limit. You get a score. It’s a bit intimidating, and since many Blueprint LSAT classes are having their second practice exam this weekend it’s a good time to discuss what to expect. How should you interpret this test?