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Blueprint’s June LSAT Predicitions

Finally, after years of learning at the Birkenstocked feet of the Blueprint LSAT gurus, my time has come to take the heavy mantle of making predictions for the upcoming LSAT. I have consulted my crystal ball (also known as a wine bottle) veeeery closely and I am finally ready to issue the following predictions:

Logic Games
The June 2014 LSAT was infamous for having a circular game that threw students for a loop (see what I did there?), and the February 2014 LSAT was rumored to have a pretty tough circular game as well. The tests since June 2014 have had Logic Games sections of pretty standard difficulty, so we’re about due for another killer game. So, friends, I’m calling it here — expect a game that falls outside the normal ordering/grouping operations.

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Law School Predictions for 2015

2015 should be an interesting year for law school applicants. Let’s make some guesses about what this new year will bring….

Legal Employment Will Improve
As of the September LSAT, we’re at a historical low for the number of LSAT takers. Law school applications are similarly down. But the economy is improving. Some are predicting that this combination will mean more jobs for the current crop of law school students, though law school employment rates kept falling as of last year. I think the legal field will follow the general trend of the rest of the economy, and legal jobs will rebound in the next year.

Changes In Affirmative Action Admissions May Be Coming
Asian students are suing Harvard University and the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill for allegedly discriminating against Asian applicants in undergraduate admissions. Keep on eye on these suits.

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New Year’s Resolutions…for the LSAC

I don’t make New Year resolutions any more because, well, I’m perfect. But while I’m actually a big fan of the LSAT as far as standardized tests go, there’s always room for improvement. LSAC’s been pretty busy grading the December LSAT, so they probably haven’t had time to come up with resolutions on their own. Luckily for them, I’ve got nothing but time, so here are my recommended 2014 Resolutions for LSAC!

1) Grade faster.