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Logical Reasonings / 1.21.16

A. Surprising exactly zero people on the planet, a British investigation has concluded that Vladimir Putin likely ordered the 2006 poisoning murder of Alexander Litvinenko, an ex-KGB officer and vocal Putin critic. The Washington Post
B. A community college in Portland, OR has declared April “Whiteness History Month.” Good idea? Bad idea? Real life masquerading as a Portlandia episode? The Christian Science Monitor
C. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (known affectionately by friends and family as Scalizzle-my-bizzle) will be teaching Constitutional Law for Thomas Jefferson School of Law in San Diego… in France. Patch.com
D. Michigan governor sets aside $28 million to fix lead poisoning problem he created trying to save $5 million. The Wall Street Journal
E. As Ice-pocalypse 2016 bears down on the Eastern Seaboard, Blueprint employees in Los Angeles walk around in t-shirts. Huffington Post

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Logical Reasonings / 12.17.15

A. We here at blueprint just cannot wait until President Putin and President Trump going shirtless horseback riding together. Washington Post
B. Pharma Bro Martin Shkreli – the dude who got rich in part by making life saving drugs too expensive for those who need them – has been arrested. Planet earth is currently celebrating. New York Times
C. In yesterday’s Logical Reasonings, we informed you that law school enrollments continued their decline last year. Here’s a little more detail on the disclosures released by law schools on Tuesday. Above the Law
D. The ten must-have apps, as ranked by Mashable. One is a zombie-themed fitness app (yep). Mashable
E. Why on earth did it take twenty years to get a spin-off of Full House? People Magazine