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Everything You’ll Ever Need to Know is on the LSAT Vol. 1

Studying for the LSAT takes up an incredible amount of time.  You literally spend hundreds of hours learning about dinosaurs, sea turtles, and cryptozoological marsupials.  And you can’t help but remembering some of the more interesting nuggets you learn along the way.  Knowing that you’re gaining a wealth of useless trivia is one of the things that makes studying for the LSAT slightly more bearable.  Sadly, you can’t always trust logical reasoning as a source of unbiased (i.e., non-made-up) factoids.  But often the subject matter is true, as well.  Starting today, I’m going to look at some of the more interesting bits of real information that the LSAT has given us over the years.

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How the LSAT is Like a Random Wikipedia Article

If you’re like me, and write an LSAT-related blog with a deadline that is nearly missed on a near weekly basis, you’ll know that one of the best ways to attack procrastination is by heading over to Wikipedia and hitting the “Random article” link. This hasn’t actually ever helped me write a blog, but it has been invaluable when it comes to finding ways to sit in a chair and not write.

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Star Trek LSAT Scores

The LSAT is an insanely hard test.  Star Trek: The Next Generation is the greatest show of all time.  So I started to think about what would happen if these two titanic worlds collided.  This actually isn’t that implausible.  By the 24th century, most of our standardized tests will have been rendered obsolete.  Half the stuff on the MCAT will be irrelevant once we’ve got our hands on some of them sweet dermal regenerators and medical tricorders, and the GMAT will be useless upon society’s inevitable realization that business school is a scam and business students are hacks.  But the logic of the LSAT is eternal.  If you translated an LSAT into Greek and gave it to Socrates, he’d make it his bitch.  So in a mere 350 years it will be just as efficacious as it is today, methinks.