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Logical Reasonings / 4.10.15

A) What your law school rank says about your chances of making partner. Above the Law

B) Five common ways that law students waste time. Don’t follow the crowd! Find your own ways to waste time! About.com

C) Make a plan for how to pay for law school applications before you actually start applying. Girl’s Guide to Law School

D) Uh oh, Amazon is suing four websites that sell verified product reviews. Luckily, all of our great reviews are 100% real… Wall Street Journal

E) “Hard does not equal bad.” Bookmark this blog. It’s great! (Also, that’s what she said.) Tarreynland

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How to Decide Where to Apply

If you want a J.D. from an ABA-approved institution, there are 204 schools you can apply to. Most of us can’t apply to all 204. And why would you want to? That would be expensive and a huge waste of time.

So how do you figure out which law schools to apply to? There are four key factors to consider.

1. Rankings
Rankings are important for two reasons: A) They can help predict which schools you’ll get into, and B) They dictate how prestigious your degree is seen to be.

Regarding Point A: Your LSAT score and undergraduate GPA factor heavily into a law school’s admissions decision.

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Logical Reasonings / 4.6.15

A) What law schools prepare their students for the bar exam better than the LSAT would predict? It’s an interesting way to rank schools, although keep in mind that schools like Yale don’t show up because the LSAT predicts extremely high bar passage. PreLaw Magazine

B) Three “Don’ts” for law students thinking of transferring. US News & World Report

C) A couple of updates to the law sXXXool prof story from last week. Above the Law

D) A California appeals court ruled against two Christian parents that are suing their kids’ school district for teaching yoga exercises. The parents say the poses are religious, and the court says the parents are dum dums. Wall Street Journal

E) Can the $3.4 million car in Furious 7 really jump between buildings? And, more importantly, AWESOME#&@^!%!$ Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 3.31.15

A) Should you go to the highest ranked law school you get into? Or a less renowned school that’s offering you a bigger scholarship? Girl’s Guide to Law School

B) Finding healthy ways to deal with rejection is key in any graduate school admissions process. US News & World Report

C) We know you wake up in a cold sweat thinking about your law school applications. But did you know admissions counselors have their own nightmares? The Chronicle of Higher Education

D) SCOTUS Justice Antonin Scalia must have a set of brass balls, because this is a pretty loaded declaration. Slate

E) The “best” o’ the Bieber roast. Rolling Stone

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Logical Reasonings / 3.24.15

A) US News & World Report thinks one reader shouldn’t take the LSAT for a third time, but your circumstances may differ.

B) This list of the country’s most expensive law schools includes five schools in the T14 and TWO SCHOOLS THAT ARE UNRANKED?!?!?! Above the Law

C) Choose a law school using ABA data and statistics (aka not rankings). Prelaw Guru

D) Taylor Swift called out the Princeton Review for misquoting her. Ya got burnt, PRev. Billboard

E) A new nonstick coating could save waste, help industry, and, most important, looks coooooool. New York Times

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Logical Reasonings / 3.16.15

A) How to narrow your list of target law schools using rankings and statistics. US News & World Report

B) The dean at University of Iowa College of Law is downplaying their decision to admit students without an LSAT score. Iowa City Press-Citizen

C) LSAC is still fighting efforts to make it easier for students with disabilities to take the LSAT. Stay classy, guys. National Law Journal

D) Can the recorded words of accused murderer (and HBO star) Robert Durst be used against him in court? Possibly. Will it help the prosecution? Possibly. Wall Street Journal

E) Here’s a sneak preview of all the jokes ripping Justin Bieber in his upcoming Comedy Central Roast. I’d feel bad for him if he weren’t Justin Bieber. Vulture

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Logical Reasonings / 3.13.15

A) Law School Rankings, part 423: Ordered by BigLaw Partners. TaxProf Blog

B) Law School Rankings, part 424: Ordered by Yield Rate (the percentage of accepted students who choose to attend). U.S. News & World Report

C) An unranked law school and its students are caught in a brouhaha over how best to prepare for the bar exam. (Yes, that sentence was an excuse to use the word “brouhaha.”) Above the Law

D) The federal judiciary wants to shorten appellate briefs. Lawyers do not. Wall Street Journal

E) NASA is going to tear the fabric of the universe to shreds. Or just invent a cool new space ship. Examiner

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The Law School Rankings Roundup

The release of the US News and World Report law school rankings always sets the internet abuzz, and this year was no different. With some shake-ups in the top 10, drops of over 25 spots further down the list, and the debut of a few new schools, concerned parties from all over the internet are weighing in with opinions and analysis.

With so much noise, it can be difficult and confusing to figure out what’s actually important, so we’ve collected some of the articles most relevant to pre-law readers.

Methodology: 2016 Best Law School RankingsU.S. News and World Report
With these particular rankings playing such a huge role in determining where many applicants decide to attend law school, you should at least know what goes into determining where schools place.

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Logical Reasonings / 3.12.15

A) One more US News rankings link: Who should and should not pay attention to law school rankings. Above the Law

B) A new study says that a law grad’s long-term earnings potential is recession-proof. Assuming they can get a job in the first place, of course. National Law Journal

C) Don’t mention your flaws in your law school personal statement, dum dum. jdMission

D) A jury ruled that Robin Thicke and Pharrel infringed on Marvin Gaye’s copyrights for the song “Blurred Lines.” There’s some joke about the blurry lines of justice in there, but why bother? Someone else has probably already made it. Wall Street Journal

E) This is what Netflix looks like when it’s played on an original Nintendo. Slate

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Analysis: U.S. News Law School Rankings

U.S. News and World Report released its 2016 law school rankings yesterday, and it essentially looks like a huge game of chutes and ladders up in here.

Among the top tier of schools, the names remain familiar – for now. The top three schools are the same for the zillionth year in a row, although Stanford (formerly #3) moved up to share the #2 spot with Harvard. Whenever a school in the highest echelons of the rankings moves up or down, it’s treated as a Big Freaking Deal – but realistically, this change won’t make a huge difference, since Stanford hasn’t actually surpassed Harvard. They’ll get some bragging rights, sure, but essentially Stanford’s status is changing from “extremely well-regarded” to “still extremely well-regarded.”