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5 Tricks to Make Reading Comp on the LSAT Bearable

Who doesn’t love Reading Comprehension? It is perhaps the most exciting part of the LSAT. Well, that’s probably true only if you find answering difficult questions about species extinction, literary theory, and dead legal scholars to be “exciting.” So perhaps Reading Comp is less “exciting” and more “horrific.” But it doesn’t have to be so. Here are five tips to help make RC less of a waking nightmare and more of a wet dream.

1. Get Excited for Reading Comp on the LSAT – Doing well on RC starts before you even begin. Upon turning the page and seeing those tedious, tiresome passages, you may feel many things – despair, dread, existential ennui. But if you go in feeling pessimistic, you’re going to do poorly. If you can get yourself excited, however, you can really do a lot better.